Visitor stats based on IP not useful for private blog

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    I have a private blog, that is, only named and approved users can read the site. As such, it should be rather easy to count the number of visitors per day (log on as named user).

    Instead, even for a private blog, the number of visitors is concluded from their IP numbers.
    As a result, at Christmas, when I shared the same network with my brother, nephews, and friends, instead of at least 5 different visitors, I only got three (one from a different country).

    My request is to ask wordpress if the algorithm for counting visitors (and maybe also views) could be adjusted to refer to named user logons instead of IP addresses for private blog.

    Could you forward this request?
    Best regards, Barbara

    The blog I need help with is


    Member stats are not IP based. They are based on the number of times a certain image is loaded, ie pageviews. For a private blog, the blog owner’s hits are counted as well.


    Ah, thanks! It’s good to know how the views number is being calculated. What a pity that my own views are being counted, too.

    In any case, do you know how the new visitor counter is being calculated? That’s the value of the smaller blue bar inside of the larger grey views bar in the stats.



    No idea, sorry.

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