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Visitor stats not updating

  1. Fixed now. Thanx!

  2. I still am able to count disparities between statcounter's stats and wordpress for today. and it also happened a week ago, I think also on Monday.
    they never recovered. I know it's a matter of little importance, but I can only write when I feel there's someone there :)

  3. Having the same problems here. Stats not seeming to work properly yesterday or today. Will this be remedied/recovered?

  4. I never noticed any change in 'visitor' numbers, but my view stats dropped like a big turd for 6 days. Consistently around 900 a day, then dropped to 200, then suddenly after the 'fix' yesterday, back up to 910.

    As for retrospective stats, I very much doubt it.

  5. I keep getting follows but my visits at zero

  6. Check mine please....

  7. Hi all,

    This bug has been fixed, so I'm closing this now. If you are still having any problems with your stats, please open a new thread.

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