Visitor to my blog making threats — Advice appreciated

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    With regard to the following threat that I received from rogerthesurf, (email redacted), — I would appreciate any advice on what to do about this annoying person. Is there some dot NET monitoring organization that I can report him to? Any advice appreciated. BTW, I did send this person a polite email explaining why I had decided not to approve the argumentative climate denialist comment he submitted.

    Here’s his threatening comment submitted to my blog —
    Submitted on 2011/07/08 at 1:47 am
    Your site will appear in due course on
    You have shown, as expected, that you cannot bear to have actual facts that contradict your beliefs on your site.
    This means one of the following.
    1. You do not understand what you are writing about and therefore are unable to support your views with any reason.
    2. You have a superficial knowledge of Global Warming issues, mainly taking heed of what some people tell you and are unable to think for yourself.
    3. You do not respond to reason at all, but have taken on a religious zeal to rid the world of “pollution”, in which category you include that life giving gas, CO2, and you cannot tolerate any attack on this faith.

    All of these confirm that you are unable to distinguish actual facts and your act of spamming my comment confirms this.

    If I refered to drivel in my comment you would have easily been able to counter it.

    When I publish your site, the above will be in the minds of my readers. Your site will have no credibility in their eyes.


    The blog I need help with is



    If you are being threatened that’s a breach of law – call the police and consult a lawyer. Also note that you are king or queen of your blog and engaging with trolls is an exercise in futility. Moderate your comments an toss all trash in the trash.

    This is a public forum that’s indexed by Google and you just published the troll’s garbage on it. You played right into its hands.

    Please read these:



    Thanks for your assistance. I’m now a chastened blogger who knows better than to submit this kind of question in the future. I followed your suggestion. I would like to delete the question but don’t know how.

    Just to clarify, the “threat” was not to my person but was to post my site on some kind of “globalwarmingsupporter” site. I had hoped there might be some kind of NET monitoring organization that handles nuisance complaints like this and could issue a “cease and desist” warning or shut the site down.Surely someone must want to know about these kinds of issues.

    Signed – Naive beyond words.



    The question was fine – @timethiefs concern / issue was the posting large sections of the threat in question and the link to the harassing site. Since this forum is crawled by search engines you inadvertently gave the troll a bit of a boost with the search engines.

    There is no central stop being a troll group – the best advice is to as @TT suggested is to moderate all your comments and just delete those from trolls that just want to provoke an argument, they are not worth the time to respond to them and a complete waste of time.

    It also helps to develop a bit of a thick skin if you are dealing with current events.



    The issue here is simple: if he posts your copyrighted content in more than a simple Fair Use excerpt (credited and linked) then you have a copyright claim against him. File it.

    Reporting someone for disagreeing with you and threatening to publicize what they think of you? NO, there is no such organization. There is no such procedure. Welcome to the internet.



    Folks, thank you all for the sound advice you gave to F J White on his ill founded complaint about my actions.

    You may have had even less sympathy had you read his blog
    which is entirely devoted to a series ad hominem attacks on a scientist, one Dr Willie Soon.

    Of course logical criticism of a scientists research and conclusions is absolutely fair game and healthy, but attempts to blacken someone’s name without even reviewing his works, just because you disagree with his conclusions, is in my and most peoples minds simply immoral.
    Also I feel it is unlikely that F J White actually took the time to think what he was doing and simply carried out instructions of some sort from Greenpeace.

    My comments challenged some of F J White’s views and his only defence was to spam them.

    My comments appear at along with some of my opinions of F J White and his ilk.

    I might also add that it is very rare that I ever spam a comment received at my blogs. The few I have ever spammed (apart from the obvious spam) are because of obscenities and other such language.
    In other words, unlike F J White, I am ready to politely but firmly, justify my position with proper authority and logic to anyone who visits my site.

    Isn’t this what the internet is all about?



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