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    In stats it says i have 5 visitors and 15 views today however according to the ‘views by country’ I had visits from 8 countries today hence ,it is obvious that the actual visitors should be at least 8!
    I don’t believe the new feature of showing visitors and countries is very accurate..

    Thank you for your time

    The blog I need help with is


    Remember that stats are NOT real time. Updates can be delayed by hours.


    Oh i see, I actually did not know that…



    To add a bit to what notawoodpecker has provided yesterday jblz (Staff) reported a two hour delay here



    Speaking of things views and visitors: Since this is a new look to the stats page, can someone tell me what the distinction is between visitors and views? I’m guessing if one visitor looks at five of my stories, it would be 1 visitor and 5 views? Any help to this babe-in-the-woods question is appreciated.



    I’d like to know about visits and views also. I missed the announcement when the stats and stuff dashboard was changed. I feel a little lost lately!

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