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Visitors are asked to log in or set up account on

  1. I was at my friend's office and she informed me she couldn't leave any comments. When I asked her to show me, she did go to my site, tried to enter a comment and was redirected to to set up an account or log in. She does not have a account. When I got home, I logged off my dashboard and viewed as a regular visitor. I was able to leave a comment as a test.

    I checked my settings under general/discussion and the check box for "users must be registered and logged in to comment" is unchecked.

    I don't want to loose any visitors. Could someone advise why this might be happening, and also send me a test comment?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could she possibly have a user account rather than a blog account, one that she's forgotten she has? She can click for a forgotten password and see if she gets one, and then login.

  3. If she has a "gravatar" account, and the email address she is trying to use is associated with that gravatar account, then wordpress will require her to log in using the gravatar email address and password before she can comment. This is a new thing due to some people being impersonated on

    See if your friend has a gravatar account.

  4. I sent her an email with your suggestions. I'll report back soon and then change post to "resolved" ... thanks!

  5. I haven't heard back from my friend so I thought I'd check this as resolved. No one else has reported any problems.


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