Visitors clicked wp-admin link on blog -what is this?

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    Stats > “Your visitors clicked these links on your blog” there is a hit to a link I don’t have on my blog, including the comments section.

    The link that visitor clicked is ‘blogname’

    it’s not a blog that i have linked anywhere, and the wp-admin?

    Anyone knows how this link would occur with your stats/visitor-linked-to?

    Thanks much


    I think it happens from the blue bar. I got that alot a couple of days ago.



    I could click your username name here on the forum and what you describe might be the result.


    The forums are “”, though. And from your dashboard, it shows only the “WordPress Dashboard” as a referral. However, this is the section in question:

    Your visitors clicked these links on your blog

    As in, after already seeing the blog, the users left through that link.

    The “My Dashboard” link appears in the blue bar at the top. If you hover over it, you can see it’s a regular link. A WordPress user may have clicked it after visiting your blog. So, it would make sense that WordPress is picking it up as being a link within your blog even though you didn’t put it there.



    Good explanation – thanks. :)


    yes abbydon – that makes total sense.

    I just went to your blog, and then out of it the way you described. Now this should show up on yours as well, it would be the name of my blog and then the wp-admin afterwards, showing up under the links users clicked while visiting your blog.



    Gosh you guys must spend a lot of time looking at stats. I have neglected stats pages so I’m glad you can take the time to fathom these things and explain them to me.



    Guess what I see in my clicks?


    LOL. Considering my small readership, it’s not overwhelming to look. I like seeing the interesting ways that people reach me. It looks like I have two different visitors that came in through an e-mail. You, on the other hand, have so many readers that it’s not “exciting” to look. :-)



    Hhmmmm … you have noted, have you not, that my username is not linked to a blog and that none of the help I give to anyone here on the forum scores a blog hit.


    Of course. But I assume your top secret, long standing blog would have a readership that exceeds ours. Mine’s only been up for a little over 2 weeks, so it’s pretty easy to top that.

    Oh.. and I rarely get hits from my name. It’s the off-topic thread that gets people usually.



    Yo! You’re off on a tangent here. I closed down a 1 year old environmental blog with a Google page rank of 5 and in the Technorati ranks at 15,053 and made it “private”. Then I stopped posting to it completely in mid-June. The best articles I ever wrote were scraped and broken into multiple articles that were posted by sploggers, who used my content to prostitute for adsense pennies. As there was nothing effective that could be done about these thieves I chose to feed them no more.

    Then I gave my beginners resources blog to raincoaster so the links wouldn’t be broken when I leave as bloggers use them every day.

    The remaining blogs I have here are not “secret” because they have racy contents. They have no readership at all. They are “private” test blogs where I work out answers to questions that people post.


    Thank you abby, thank you much.


    resolved/not resolved isn’t working at the moment.
    This is resolved though.


    Well then, timethief, that would explain why you don’t look at the stats. :-)

    TYT: Glad I could help out. :-)

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