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    In my blog stats I’m seeing, now for the second time, under Clicks/”Your visitors clicked these links on your blog,” a link to an add that I know I didn’t put anywhere on my blog.

    It’s a google syndication link. Today’s link is “…” which when clicked on, led to

    This “pagead2.googlesyndication” has showed up under the Clicks Made by Visitors before. I sure don’t want to be perceived as being related to or having referred a reader to something I’ve not even seen myself. I don’t know where they are seeing it, I don’t see it.

    Can someone fill in the blanks for me here? Is there a security setting I’ve not used accurately, maybe?

    Much appreciated.



    Hmm..I’m not sure. WordPress does put up ads now and you won’t see them when you’re logged in but your visitors will. I REALLY am hoping wordpress lets us pay to have no ads. :I


    I don’t like the sound of that Weirdscience, as it relates to my blog that is. No way do I want visitors going to something I’ve not yet seen. I’m here at to get away from adds, and have security for me and my readers….



    Yep, I can totally appreciate what you’re saying. I too thought this was an ad free zone when I signed on. We’ll see what happens in terms of the ad issue. Like I said, hopefully this will change. It’s especially upsetting to me because of my audience (kids/teens) and the ‘appropriate’ factor is a big one. Also being non-profit/education oriented-ads just look tacky. Otherwise though, I have to say that wordpress is pretty ace for features and support. :)



    where are you seeing those adds?
    I just signed out to check that out and I saw no adds on my blog!


    I agree totally. I absolutely love I had no idea it might be them that caused it. I know and completely understand they need to make $ somehow! This blog family here is free for us and I’m not complaining.

    I didn’t know there would be any adds on my blog, though. I don’t look at my blog unless I’m signed in – I hadn’t viewed it outside of logging in that I recall. I never saw these adds on my blog. It’s disturbing. These adds IMO can easily be misconstrued as something I am blessing for my readers. I’ve even stated on my blog that I am not selling anything and I will carry no adds, that’s it’s an information only site, etc. I have to find a way to ensure there is no confusion, I guess.


    Salamandrine – it was in my blog stats – someone clicked on the ad and it showed in my stats.



    I understood what you said and that is really weird. What I’m saying is that I don’t see any adds on my blog, what so ever, even when I sign out. I didn’t even knew that wordpress had publicity on blogs.
    Is that really true?


    I just logged out and looked, I don’t see them either. I’m going to shut down and clear my cache, etc. and then look again. Be back.


    Still don’t see any adds on the blog. Maybe it’s only sometimes? It was today that the link occurred – I took a screen shot of the Stat mentioning the click. Now it’s driving me silly. Wish I just knew where they found it and what is causing it.



    It’s not constant re: ads. They will come and go on various blogs. You may never even see one on yours.



    I find that extremely weird, no to say unlikely.
    Maybe someone from the team can clarify this, please?


    I can post the screen shot temporarily probably if you’d like to see it. Of the click showing in the stats – not the add showing on the blog itself, still haven’t seen it.


    If they need to do that, I’d like to have say in what adds they are going to pass through my blog.



    If you do a search, you can see previous info on this. :)



    Thanks! I didn’t knew that. Never even crossed my mind since I haven’t seen any :S


    Thank you weirdscience, that cleared it up. Kind of. Still wish I had say over what kind of adds, since I evidently do have readers clicking on them.

    We’ll see how it all plays out. Thanks again.



    I am so glad to have seen this thread. It’s been driving me crazy because I too just started seeing “” on my Clicks stats. Three today so far! At least this explains it. I thought I had accidentally embedded the code myself, but couldn’t find it no matter how hard I looked. Phew!




    Just to let you know folks that all the time you’re logged into, no matter what blog you visit (unless it’s a premium blog like Scoble or I can Haz Cheezburger? you won’t see the Google Ads.



    Thanks for making that clear. Also note folks that VIP blogs are allowed to advertise

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