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    Uh…just for clarification, the ads are showing up only on my Work Coach blog ( and not on my other blog, the one you get when you click my member name on my comments. At least so far it’s only on the one blog.

    Thanks again for the very useful thread. If anyone sees the ads, please let me know what people are clicking on. I can’t see anything. Assume it’s something I’d be comfortable with. (-;



    There are over 1 million blogs now and adsense advertising appears of some by rotation. We have not been told how the rotation works. However, I don’t think it’s unrealistic to assume that popular blogs that have high traffic are most likely to have ads running on them more frequently than others.

    You may also find reading the following forum thread enlightening



    Thanks timethief! Interesting developments. I know everyone won’t join me in welcoming the ads (and I at first wouldn’t have joined me either) but I must admit I get a wee bit misty-eyed when I hear that a blogspot blog to which I contribute makes some decent $$$. Now I don’t get the traffic she does, but even a little extra in support of this delightful habit would be a nice thing. Appreciate the info!



    You’re welcome.



    Ads are visible only when you log out, clear the cache and then search on google for a term that brings up your site in the result, it can be a post you have made. Directly entering your address will not show up the ads.

    When I searched my blog on google and then clicked the result to reach my blog, it showed a lot of ads.

    This thread clarified the reason why I was seeing referral links from sites that do not have my link. It was the ads. Does wp.Com use ads to drive traffic to our Blogs? Sounds strange though.

    I am not making any money from the blog but the visitors who see the ads will think otherwise, so I am going to put a text widget disclaimer notice on my blog that the ads on the blog are by the blog provider to off set free hosting or something of that sort.



    Thank you kashmir! I did what you said and finally found two tasteful relevant ads on one of my posts. And now the veil has lifted.


    workcoach – when you see the ad link under clicks visitors hit from your blog – click on it from there and you can see the ad being displayed. I got the same ad each time I clicked on it, from my blog stats page.



    Thanks todayyesterdayandtomorrow. This is why I love WordPress. The members are as nice as the staff!


    FYI darn it. The resolved/not resolved is drunk again. Can’t change it to save my life.


    it’s fixed …thanx!


    As of today, I’m seeing one of these links to a google ad in my stats – though despite logging out etc. I can’t find the ad on my blog.

    Anyway, I hope that before long the wordpress folks will provide some sort of option for opting out of all ads.

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