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    I have a question, in wordpress, how does it count the visitors from blog? Will it counts every visitor’s click, or just 1 visitor equals to a single number? As we can see there is a hit counter, when it shows for example 3 visits, does that mean three clicks, or it means by three different visitors?

    The blog I need help with is


    If one visitor comes to your blog, that is a “visit.” If they then go to 3 posts or pages on your blog, then the count would be 4.



    Yeah, the wordpress stats doesn’t differentiate visits. I use StatCounter to find out my rate of repeat visitors.


    What is the reason we need to find out the rate of repeat visitors?



    Thanks for the useful information and the link! I will have a look.



    Re: Rate of repeat visitors —

    The best and most successful websites are the ones with a very high return frequency. If you have a low or non-existant return frequency you may want to change your website to encourage your visitors to come again and again.


    perfectionistgal, you sometimes want to know how many repeat visitors you have because it can help you understand if people found your blog interesting enough to come back. It also helps you see if advertisers would be interested in your blog. They like repeat visitors vs. people who look and move on. I think your blog is ranked higher on the stats websites if someone comes and views a lot of pages from one visit. Adding a lot of tags to your post helps with repeat visitors.



    How can we make people to come and drive more traffics to our websites in order to be “successful”?


    You weren’t commenting to me so hope you don’t mind if I chime in. Here is what works for me.

    I belong to a garden forum or two and a couple of message boards geared toward my interest. I’ve had my name for 7 years . Not been blogging that long but still my name is out there.

    Comment back to people unless you can’t cause you are so popular. I’m not there yet. Do your best at your posting and be personable sometimes. Read others blogs and comment.



    Define “success.” The reason many blogs define success as pageviews is because they make money on advertising on the blogs, which are paid by the views. That does not apply to us here.

    I’m the ultimate stats whore, but if you define success in terms of stats rather than in terms of sociology or communication or some other human goal, you’re losing the point of blogging.


    Tracking IP addresses no longer has much meaning.

    The days of each internet user having a separate and distinct IP address are long gone because it is too costly for ISP’s to keep buying more and more addresses to add to their systems. Now, each IP address may have many, many users on that particular address. I’ve had times when a friend here in my town, who has the same ISP as I do has commented on my blog, and it tells me his IP address and mine are the same.

    Since some of the larger ISP’s cover vast areas over state borders (using the US as an example), that complicates things even further. As an example, I can see the IP address assigned to me and my visits in the control panel for my self-hosted blog web host. At times it says I’m in Denver, CO, other times in Cheyenne, WY, sometimes in Salt Lake City, UT, and sometimes in Boise, ID. That is because my ISP covers a very large region of the western US. I don’t live in any of those places, and the closest to me is nearly 400 miles away.


    That’s good raincoaster. I do make a lot of good leads off my blog as it serves as an avenue for what my work is all about. I don’t advertise for immediate gain but plant companies do send me stuff to trial and write about. I get a good amount of free gardening stuff for me and my readers. So in the end it saves me money.


    Also, as far as repeat visitors, I find that my IP address changes sometimes a couple times a week, sometimes more. If my ISP reboots their systems during the day or at night, my IP address will be different when my DSL modem reconnects, so again, IP addresses are not a reliable way to track visitors.



    I never knew there are repeat visitors, but I’m really wondering if these repeat visitors do make some comments so I can notice it obviously that my blog interested them for some reasons. I see that advertisers can sometimes be annoying, they make spam comments. What do you mean my blog is ranked higher on stats websites?

    I also think that adding more tags would be great and somehow…if there are too much tags can be a mess as well, for example 10 – 20 tags. Usually I create tags about 5-10 in average so the searching would be simpler to other visitors. Besides, I’m also thinking how to download the repeat visitors system.


    thesacredpath that is so interesting and supports my attempt to keep my flowergardengirl name active for the past 7 years. Garden companies seek me out. I work hard to maintain a certain image and now it’s paying off. Not money making but in promoting gardening which is what I’m all about. Garden people look for my name and not my IP address.

    I do love stats as it drives me.


    I look at my referrers to see who is visiting my blog. That’s my best barometer. I go by that stat the most often. Lots of blogs that link to me and I have commented on send me traffic. It’s probably not on your level but it’s good for me. The garden companies like it and they sometimes sponsor giveaways on my blog just for me writing about them.

    Some websites rank people like technorati—and I go check them out occasionally. Looks like sacredpath is the guru on such things. I’m learning and getting better every day. Good luck.


    Stats can be addictive, but I’ve broken myself away from them. Typically I look to see how many hits I’ve gotten for the month at the end of the month, and that is it.


    perfectionistgal–I just took a look at blog. Is that a static first post? You sound very interesting but I had to swim past that to get to your other post/thoughts–which were also very good. I find that putting your most current post –first—helps a lot. I did try a static first post and it was a disaster. Hope that helps. I liked your info on shopping addiction.


    There are ads promotion for sites, I’m wondering how add it.


    I think I’m hooked on the referrer stats cause if I respond to new visitors–it builds my blog hits. I try to reward those who link back to me and visit their blog–comment–you know–all that social jazz. I also watch those referrers cause it’s a good indicator of who is visiting their blogs and then coming to see me. I go see what they are writing about that is causing so many hits to my site from theirs. But may it’s my topic of gardening that drives my behavior. I like to be on the cutting edge of new plants. Hits from another blog all of a sudden means that blog is hot and I need to see why. That make sense?

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