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    I agree that some people could have stats addiction, that’s usual.


    pfgal—I just paid to remove ads so don’t know.


    I’m also addicted to chocolate!


    Thanks flowergardengirl, I sometimes do have shopping addiction.


    Actually I do not found ads that appear on WordPress blog, not every blog have advertisements, am I right? Because I found out my blog do not have any ads so far although I did not pay for removing ads.


    I am totally obsessed with chocolate as well!


    WordPress will sometimes add an ad ;) every now and then. They tell you that up front. I don’t want that b/c my supporters don’t like that. They like a nice clean blog and will study my blog daily to see what is showing up there. I write about high end plants and they are very picky about who get’s their stuff. It’s rather snobbish but it is the game I play with these folks cause I love their stuff. I have no clue how to add and ad should you want to. Seems like they just said above that in .com you can’t do that.


    Adds are randomly used by wordpress to help pay all the bills associated with running this free service. As I understand it, ads only show (if they do) if someone comes to your blog from a search engine, and if they are not a user here at wordpress.COM and are not logged in. The also will never appear on the main page of your blog.

    At least that is my understanding.


    Sacredpath, I’m going to nickname you knowledgepath.

    I’m off to bed all. I can’t quite stay up all night–just most of it. Have a awesome day.


    However, I do not see advertisements either on my blog or other blog that I visit. There are no advertisements.



    Well, there’s another proof I can say…, before I have logged into my blog I cannot see ads that appears. I was also trying to use another computer, still I cannot see ads.


    They are random as I said, and also from what has been said by staff in the past, if they do appear, they will only appear for people coming from search engines. Also if I’m remembering correctly, they might not ever appear for you even if you are logged out because wordpress would see their cookie on your computer and not show them.

    If you logged out, cleared your browser cache and cookies, then searched for one of your posts on Google, and clicked on the link to go to your blog from google, then you might see them.


    I don’t like advertisements, it would block my view. It maybe random I guess, but I never see ads from other WordPress blogs, normally.



    You will never see the ads when you are logged in. You must log out, and in most cases arrive at the blogs from a search engine, before they will appear.


    I get what you mean, I actually cannot see ads on blog even though I did not logged into my account. Except for search engine, I had tried before and went to WordPress blogs that’s from other people. Most of the blogs does not have ads so far, and I never see there are ads appearing on the screen. In fact, these bloggers does not have websites that need to pay, so I’m just wondering. I’ve tried everything though, I still cannot see ads.



    If you didn’t clear the cookies, you are still identified to as yourself.

    Take a look at this:


    I don’t understand what you mean, what types of cookies are they?



    Web browser cookies. Read the thread I linked to, it explains.


    Too complicated, I do not know where to read and that’s not what exactly I want to know…why don’t you explain it about what you want to say, briefly.



    Because I’m busy. The answer is already there.

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