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  1. I understand the views and visitors stats on the Dashboard. But is there any way to determine how many, over time, actual individuals have visited your blog? I.e. counting repeat visitors only once?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No there is no way to determine personal identity but if you are referring to uniques see here >

  3. For more information on stats see also >

  4. Yes, unique visitors is what I was thinking about. Thanks!

  5. P.S. Re: accuracy
    Do recognize that for example, if I use another internet connection in my home and a different computer, which I often do, then the information you are seeking would not be accurate. I would be using two different DSL lines and two different IPs, and two different IPs.

    Another scenario is the fact the many of use have dynamic IPs which chnage continually. Once again the accuracy would be affected by that.

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