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    A gallery page on my site received the most visits in past 48 hours, but is not in top ten posts & pages
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    The blog I need help with is



    I accidentally published this before I’d even decided on the title, and had a chance to explain the issue. I’m going to revise it and create a new thread.



    When I restated this question more clearly as

    Why don’t visits to gallery images on a page (or post) count as views of that page?

    in new support request, it was rejected, twice, the topic being closed immediately without a chance of reply. Nevertheless, I’m going to try for a third time to explain the issue.

    A gallery page,, on my site Songbook has received by far the most visits in past 48 hours, but is not listed in the top 12 posts & pages.

    In WP Top Posts & Pages stats, I counted 46 visits to individual images in the first hour today (midnight to 1 AM). These 46 views should put that page at #1 in the top posts and pages widget. It’s not even in the top 12.

    Those 46 views alone would put it tied for third most visited post or page for the last week, according to WP cumulative stats, which instead show only 15 visits to the page in the past 7

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