Visits to new blog – how did that happen?

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    Hi, I created a user account and got work work creating the basics. Looking at my stats, I see that my site has had six hits, even though my privacy is set to “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”. I have not posted anywhere or made any links to it from anywhere yet.

    So, two questions:

    1. Would those six hits all be from the little arrow in the top right corner? Or are there other ways that people can find a blog?

    2. Is there a way I can prevent search engines from finding me, but still have new blog entries appear on the relevant tag pages?




    If you go to the Dashboard you’ll see that there are lists of blogs including Top Blogs, Top Posts and Most Recently Updated. When you post, your name and blog pop up there, so if people find the name intriguing they’ll often check it out. They could also be coming from “Next Blog” as well. And your name here is a link to your blog, as is your name when you’re signed in and you leave comments on a WordPress blog. If you don’t want to be tracked back, you’ll have to sign out or change your privacy settings.

    I think tags are primarily to help search engines and raters like Technorati, so I don’t think you’ll be able to use tags while disallowing search engines. If nothing else, when you use tags Technorati will find you, and that’s the premiere ranking system in the blogosphere.



    Thanks for that Raincoaster. All makes sense. Before I posted my first blog this morning, I’d only worked with pages, so I guess it must have come from the “Next Blog” option. Disappointing for those who clicked, no doubt.

    I’ve got no problems with being part of the WordPress community…just not so sure I want to be part of the googlable community. Tis probably too late for that anyway.

    Cheers for the tips.

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