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    I often need to schedule posts several weeks ahead of time, but the present text-only layout is awkward, and I find myself needing to have a separate calendar to hand to keep track of what’s scheduled when.

    A visual monthly calendar that displays scheduled posts on highlighted days would be a great upgrade to the dashboard.

    I’ve noticed that a number of users are requesting such a feature, and I think that it would be a significant improvement to WordPress functionality, allowing users like us to post more consistently and encourage a more regular flow of traffic to our blogs.

    Any chance, WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is



    Here is an interesting suggestion from Lorelle:

    Drafts as Editorial Calendar: As an editorial calendar, WordPress Drafts work well. When a draft is created or modified, the date is displayed in the far right of the All Posts screen. Drafts are listed in reverse chronological order, allowing you to create a post order from the bottom up. The dates may be set in the future with the future posts feature, keeping you on track as to the date you expect to publish the post.


    I had asked for a visual scheduling calendar a while back and never got a response, but I still don’t understand what would be so hard about it, and it would be incredibly useful for multi-author sites like Preservation in Mississippi. The long list of drafts and scheduled posts is cumbersome and unhelpful for scheduling purposes. A calendar with days coded by color if they have a post scheduled, a different color for days with multiple posts scheduled (I try to do only one post a day to avoid tiring people out but sometimes make a mistake), a different color if they have a draft semi-scheduled, and nothing if there’s no post scheduled would show our blog’s future life at a glance. An added feature could be that when you scroll over the day, the name of the post pops up to remind you.



    Note all the threads in the Ideas Forum Note also that very few suggestions made are implemented.


    Kinda makes it seem like there shouldn’t be an Ideas Forum.



    Well from time to time there are suggestions made there that Staff do implement.


    I’m dying for an editorial calendar too!!!!!!!


    I’m dying for an editorial calendar too!!!!!!!


    Agreed — A calendar would be very helpful.

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