Visual editor is gone

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    Yesturday I added some plugins to my wordpress mu installations by dropping them in mu plugins.. Today I found out that the visual editor is gone. There is only what is shown if clicking “html” there. You know the buttons and evrything..

    I tried adding tinymce plugin to solve it as well. Didnt work and deleted it.

    I have unchecked the Profile option and checked it again to see if that solved it. It didnt.. I have cleared the cache.. Didnt do anything.. So I have no idea what is wrong.. Please help me.. :(

    I use the latest install.
    I am not that good with code. I can change and add after instructions.. But not write up my own.
    So please help. :(



    Afraid you are in the wrong forum and need to be over at


    You need to head over to . This forum is for those hosted here at wordpress.COM, the free hosting service.



    Wrong forum. Sorry. wrote .com instead of .org and ended up here.

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