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visual editor is missing

  1. hello - my visual editor is the toolbar for html, not the one that should be there. can't even select between visual and html. also, visual editor is checked under my profile. I've cleared the cache, but still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. osmanedosbatuque

    I have the same problem...
    I cannot change from HTML to visual...

  3. Having same problem. What's up?

  4. Same problem here. HTML seems to be the only view currently available.

  5. templecityvoice

    maybe there's a glitch. i can't edit/add to my blog either.

  6. I have the same problem.

  7. well, at least I'm not alone in this problem. :)

  8. Has anyone actually sent a report of this problem to staff?

  9. Yes, same problem here.

  10. Yes, I reported it to support.

  11. Also just sent in question.

  12. Ugh Ya Same problem here!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not good, i hope this is not a regular thing like Myspace!! UGHHHHHHH

  13. Same here. Hope it gets fixed quickly. Thanks.

  14. huckleberryhudson

    same problem here, also reported, itching to write about the debate.

  15. Sorry for the issues - we are currently looking into it and will update here as soon as we locate the problem.

  16. cool i need to update i have an event taking place on Saturday and need to let my street team know!

  17. Thanks Bubel for getting on the case!

  18. Yeah same problem here!

  19. This should now be fixed. Please contact support if you have any further issues with this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  20. Great job! Visual editor is back!

  21. Fast! Thanks!

  22. All better! Thanks for the quick attention to this problem!

  23. Still having problem. HTML tab shows "error 404", no tool icons in visual, nada...

  24. all back, all good...

  25. Ok, Thank you very much!

  26. I'm still having this problem. I haven't been using wordpres for very long and was aggravated that I couldn't center my text. I looked some stuff up in FAQ and saw that the post page looked different than mine. Mine looks like the HTML view, but I don't even have the option of being able to go between visual and HTML view. I'm stuck in HTML. It's really aggravating. Any clue as to how I can fix this? I guess I'll sent a notice to the staff and see if they'll help...

  27. theimpossibleprincess

    The problem seems to be back again. Anybody else having trouble?

  28. Same problem for me. Cannot write or edit anything at the moment

  29. Same problem here since today. Any hope to resolve?

  30. Same problem since today too. Grmbl!

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