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visual editor is missing

  1. Today (November 3), we found a translation issue for visual editors if you were using the "nl" language setting. This has since been resolved; please contact support if the problem persists. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. depyjamavanarthus

    hello -
    The same problem is back !
    My visual editor is the toolbar for html. Can't select between visual and html.

  3. depyjamavanarthus

    It works in de English language setting though...
    Not in the 'nl' language setting.

  4. Sorry about this! Can you please try again? This should now be resolved and should not happen in the future. Again, sorry for the troubles.

  5. depyjamavanarthus

    Yes ! it works again !
    thank you..

  6. Hi,

    I have 2 blogs, the first one is perfectly fine but the other has this problem that everyone is complaining about.

    Antyhing I'm missing ?

    Thanks !

  7. I'm having the same problem now...

  8. @rpadrela and scuabout
    I have put up a modlook tag so staff will deal with your issue.

  9. Please send the details to Support. We need to know your browser, what you have done etc.

  10. Same problem, but I've found a workaround:

    1. disable visual editor under user settings and save (there's a checkbox for that)
    2. enable same option and save

    That seems to reset it and visual/html tabs become available.

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