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Visual Editor Not Displaying

  1. I have the same issue with IE9 and firefox! the option is there to use visual editor but when selected it just stay in html mode and the buttons at the top dissapear and the font of the html in the editing box changes slightly! Another thing I have noticed is the browser status sometimes get stuck forever on waiting for so it seems that the information requested is not being sent so im convinced this is a issue with the latest update of the dashboard.

  2. I'm not seeing that issue in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. The editor does seem a little sluggish loading, but not much slower than the previous version as far as I can tell.

    There is obviously something going on but what is causing it I have no idea and given I cannot reproduce the issues, I would suspect that it might be difficult for staff to track down.

    The other issue is that the editor is not written by WordPress, but by Moxiecode, and that means any updates have to come from them.

  3. Yep Its definately a strange issue but when selecting visual mode the browsers get stuck saying waitingfor, hope this helps cheers guys for trying to help much appreciated.

  4. thesacredpath

    One thing you might try doing is to take a screen shot of your editor window showing the icons missing, upload it to your media library and then send them a link showing that it is missing.

    I answered this at 2:45AM!

  5. longshotsblues

    WordPress contacted me back and this fixed the problem.

    Are buttons 12-15 overflowing beyond the edge of the window?

    There's a feature in the Dashboard that lets you minimize the menu to save space - it shows just the icons and hides the labels, and you can hover over the icons to reveal drop-down sub-menus.

    To toggle this feature, click on the Collapse menu link at the bottom of the menu.

    Note that you will still be able to access your menu - just hover over it with the mouse to reveal the options.

    Click on one of the link again to restore the menu to it's original size.

    Collapse Button will expose 1-15 Icons then you can click onto the kitchen sink.

    Thank You WordPress!

  6. longshotsblues

    Hope this helps you as well, ufohunterorguk.

  7. That certainly is something to remember! It never would have occurred to me, since I have it set to just icons & always have. Thanks for sharing the solution!

  8. ufohunterorguk

    Sorry but That is not a solution or the problem but thanks anyway

  9. That one didn't work for me either, unfortunately.

    I will send WordPress a screen shot but, in the mean time, I've started using Windows Live Writer; a free download that you can use to connect with any blog. It seems dead easy to use and it should see me through, at the very least, until this other issue is resolved.

  10. ufohunterorguk

    I may have a solution! this worked for me guys! you need to enable "Browser Connection Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" in the personal setting menu in the dashboard!

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