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    I’m trying to write a new post, and the interface looks like it’s been changed a bit. I’m trying to write in the visual editor mode, but it shows a lot of html coding after saving. When I click for the html editor, I can’t seem to get there at all. It’s as if the visual editor is actually the html editor. When I preview the post, it looks okay, but it’s hard to figure out what I’m actually writing/posting.

    my blog is at



    Are you pasting from Word? If so, don’t do it.


    No, I’m typing directly into the editor. When I save, it shows the coding.



    did you paste the code into the editor when it’s in visual mode? if you have html code you have to paste it in the editor under html mode.

    you mentioned difficulty accessing html mode in editor – have you tried doing it in a different browser? maybe it can work there.



    @pdx – that is strange. And if you can’t get to the HTML editor, that’s a problem. Have you tried logging out, clearing your cache & cookies, closing and restarting your browser?


    Just tried it in IE (I usually use Firefox). It does the same thing. I type into the visual editor, save, and it shows html code. It won’t let me access the html editor in either browser.

    When you go to write a post, is it doing that to you? I’m wondering if there’s something weird in the new interface.

    nylusmilk: I didn’t paste any code into the editor; the formatting code just appears after I save.


    Oh, and I did try clearing my cache, and it’s still the same.


    I have the same since today. I guess there’s something wrong in WordPress?!


    I had this problem last week, after much tinkering the only way I found to fix it was to disable Google Gears. Are you using this application?



    I have the same problem on all my computers.



    Same problem here! HTML view only…
    Hope it will be solved soon?


    Belgium Brussels / Antwerp the same !!! Let’s wait a couple of days …



    And another one with the same problem. I get the html quick tags in the visual editor instead of the normal buttons and cannot switch to html at all?



    Yes i’ve got the same problem, since today,
    i hope also that’s solved very quickly


    I had my husband try it on his laptop and his blog. No problem.

    So I tried logging out, clearing my cache again (this time Firefox, last time IE) and it works fine now! Good luck.


    Oh, I’m not using Google Gears, either.

    But I’m glad it’s back to normal!



    Same here… there must be something wrong…!



    And another one with the same problem since today…
    HTML does not react at all. Visual does not give me the extention option bar (I usually use this to insert posts from another text location)


    me too



    I’m having this same issue.
    First on Firefox, in Visual edit I wasn’t getting the toolbar that lets you bold, etc.
    I tried it on IE and it worked yesterday but today when I returned it has HTML in the Visual part.

    What’s going on?

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