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Visual Interface not working well, and my blog text isn't as it should be.

  1. Maybe it is just me? I am copying and pasting my various descriptions of what is going on here.

    Posts I make self-bork. I am using IE 6. Not only do posts self-bork, but while trying to edit a post, the "Edit" field will er...bounce up and down the page, (As in, actually jump from where it was, either up or down the page, and take a minute to load again.) and go from normal width to blowing the margins from one line to the next while using the arrow keys to navigate up and down a post to copy edit it. Blocks of text will disappear (or the whole post) change color in part or whole, or migrate to the very end of the post for no apparent reason from one save to the next. Hard returns mysteriously insert themselves, several in a row, with no rhyme or reason. Saving only makes things worse, because saving seems to cause random "borkings" to occur. See my recent "My Replies to Daisy's Queries" post for a decent example. (My blog is linked in my profile.) That's as good as I can get it, I don't dare try to fix it anymore. (I didn't put in the odd spacings in that post, nor break up the replies like that, and I had each query on its own line.) That's after *NUMEROUS* copies and pastes from a (well spaced/formatted) rich text document, then saving and finding the post borked itself. And yet, I managed to make a new post, (with no copying and pasting) and so far it isn't borked. Is it just if you copy and paste? Why? *puzzled* Again, I am (still) using IE6. (Will use IE7, once it works for me, or Firefox or another browser once me and the Mr. can agree on which one.) Another problem with the interface is, I cannot make text a custom color right now, that seems to be broken. I can change the text color to what is on the immediate menu when you click the option, but I cannot make it say: #609f7f or #85449c or #4a81b5 because it won't let me, it either just won't "take" or the text will change to the default grey. Also, my sidebar isn't displaying properly either. If I go to an individual post, or to another page, the font type and colors will be as they should be, but on the front page it may or may not be correct. This goes for some posts as well. The font...isn't correct on my post titled Night Fountain. It should be the same as Night Fountain Reflections, but red in color. (I am using the Cutline theme, if that matters, as well as IE6.) I am contacting support to see if you can individually fix my blog, please?

    Help, please? I'd really appreciate anything you can do to make this better.

  2. I have read on other support question's people having similar problems with Internet 6.

    Have you considered trying an upgrade to I.E6 or another browser?

  3. pardon, problems with Internet exlorer 6...
    and it when i reread this i see you will be upgrading.
    when you upgrade you may might not have these problems

  4. IE7 won't allow this computer to load several of the sites I use often. When it wouldn't load Wikipedia (the last time I tried to upgrade it) is when I reverted back to IE6. Will use IE7, once it works for me, or Firefox or another browser once me and the Mr. can agree on which one.

  5. I won't be upgrading anytime in the forseeable future, the Mr. won't make up his mind which alternate browser he wants. He's like that. Yes, it has been months. I'll ask him again...

  6. Firefox will almost certainly solve your problems. At least, the ones pertaining to your WordPress blog. The ones pertaining to your husband, you're on your own for.

  7. Ok, Firefox has only partially fixed things, I cannot get rid of the "clumping" you see in my
    "My Replies to Daisy's Queries" post now. I put in hard returns, and they disappear when I save. BAH!

  8. Oh, god. I've found your problem.

    *NUMEROUS* copies and pastes from a (well spaced/formatted) rich text document

    Please, do not ever do this. What's happening is, that program is inserting HTML formatting that you can't see that is overriding your hard returns and many, many other things as well. It is always 100% tempting fate to paste from rich text. Paste only from plain text OR paste into the HTML editor, not the Visual one, and then format.

    My advice: copy the text into Notepad or Wordpad, delete the entire post (or go into Code editor and delete every single thing in there) and paste the text back in. Then click to the Visual editor and format.

  9. If you want to work offline, use an offline blog editor or plain text. Here's a post about offline editors that might help (many are free, and this is a trusted source for reviews):

  10. If you want to work offline, use an offline blog editor or plain text. Here's a post about offline editors that might help (many are free, and this is a trusted source for reviews):

  11. Er, no? It wasn't behaving properly. So, I went to the (Private) entry that was my first attempt, copied and pasted it to a Rich Text Format document, cleaned it up, and tried again day after day. Finally, I was able to make a start, then through several aborted attempts I was able to get a passable entry up. This was accomplished by copying and pasting the Questions and Answers (the introductory part and title were already up) saving, and if it didn't "take" then pulling up the editor again, deleting what I'd pasted, saving, and trying again. So not "numerous" in one post...precisely.

  12. And, I don't appreciate your tone, either, for the record.

  13. Also, please note that Firefox is only a *PARTIAL* fix! I still cannot fully fix the post in question. Now it won't let me put in hard returns, it insists on blocking several questions and answers (randomly chosen, apparently) together while letting others be spaced. Something isn't right here.

  14. And, in case it wasn't crystal clear. The entry in question is my second attempt. And there are only *two* pastes from a Rich Text document in the whole entry. One for the introduction and Title, and one for the questions and answers. (With many, many, many, many....*deep breath* MANY aborted attempts to get it to save properly, and < insert lots of manys here > times where I had to delete what I'd pasted, save, and retry.

  15. kat - rain is right. Pasting from anything other than a plain text editor is going to bring in HTML formatting that may not work on your blog. When I look at the source code of that entry, I see a lot of duplicate spans, several divs that shouldn't be there, etc.

    There is a reason why the paste from Word icon exists (icon #6 on the bottom row - ) - it is there specifically to clean up code that comes from pasting from any source (Word, the web, etc) that is not plain text. Unless you are using the HTML editor, you can't see all the garbage in there.

  16. I see. Well, I'd never had to try such a thing previously, and for the record, my first attempt *WASN'T* pasted from a Rich Text Document, and it self borked. I was using IE 6 (which I guess was the problem) to edit it, copying and pasting via that.

  17. Ok, it is cleaning up in HTML. *whew*

  18. Glad to know it's working. BTW - rain is one of the most knowledgeable folks around here. If she says it, you can pretty much take it to the bank. I don't think she meant anything by her tone - it's just that this formatting question comes up quite often.

  19. What "tone?" For god's sake, I am just trying to help out here. I shall restrain myself in future.

  20. pornstarbabylon

    Even with IE's new updates with IE7, someone told me yesterday that Firefox is still more secure and more updated. And my blog loses it's bullets on IE and other strange things happen to.

  21. And thanks, Vivian.

  22. Speak to me more as an equal, not as a doofus. *smile* (And if you didn't mean it that way, which I can concede, it came out that way, and you should try not to let it.)

  23. I"m not actually seeing Rain's tone issue. A lot of times short and to the point comes off as curt online. That happens to me in emails all the time.

    Believe me, when Rain is treating you like a doofus, you'll know :)

  24. And firefox doesn't solve the image uploader problems either.

  25. As one who is a doofus and newly arrived at WP, I'll take the assistance offered here regardless of tone.

    Personally, I'm counting myself lucky to find some guidance through the frustrations.
    Besides, I've never thought objective and to the point was a particularly bad tone.

  26. @Kat
    I've read the whole dialog and haven't seen anywhere were she is getting tone with you
    she was simply just trying to help you.... :)

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