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Visual to Text losing formatting

  1. Greetings and thanks for being here with help.

    My problem is with switching from Visual to Text modes during the editing process. In my blog: I would start out making some changes in the Text mode and then switch to Visual to correct something there. When I switched back to Text I had lost all the revisions I made, such as paragraph breaks (
    , italics, etc.. I had to go in and put them all in again--and this happened three or four times. You can imagine how much time that took.

    I'm specifically referring to posts that begin with "Excerpt:..." prose as opposed to poetry. These are posts that I did copy in from Word using the Word paste button on the toolbar. I noticed that it's the same if you choose to post as "plain text."

    I'm using firefox and do not have the Custom Editor. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This can happen for a couple of reasons. One would be that there are errors in the HTML code you are putting into the text tab. Secondly could be that somehow the visual editor has gotten out of paragraph mode and into "div" mode.

    In the visual editor, select all the text and then from the format/style pulldown at the left end of the lower row of tools, select "paragraph" and then update.

    One thing to note is that the text tab will not show standard paragraph tags. I suspect the reason for this is to help avoid confusion for those not used to looking at a lot of HTML code. Paragraph tags with style attributes will show up in the text tab though such as:

    <p style=font-weight: bold;">Paragraph text here.</p>

  3. I'm not an HTML person and know very little about all this but all I used was the br/ with the arrows around it, or "I" for italics; seems pretty basic to me.

    I found myself going back to Visual from Text to fix a paragraph indent that disappeared. Then back to Text all the pp. tags were gone. I also noticed that the Preview doesn't offer an accurate idea of what it looks like when published.

    I don't know what div mode is. But I did publish those particular pieces with "Heading 3" since I don't have the custom formatter to add font and size.

    Must I avoid using the "paste from Word" feature? Will purchasing the Custom font toolbar help? I plan on posting a lot of stuff where I'll need to add paragraphs. I can't foresee having the patience to do this over and over.

  4. If you paste from Word, you are never going to solve this problem; it will always be with you. If you like using the features of Word, I suggest using Windows Live Writer instead, which is free, easy to use, and web-compliant. The reason things are going sideways for you is that the Word code is not web-compliant. Using WLW will fix this, and it's as easy to use as Word. Also, it keeps a backup of your blog posts on your computer.

  5. So, even using the "paste from Word" button screws it up? The problem is I'm posting text from already-written pieces, and rather long sections of them. So, with Window Live Writer I'd need to type it in all over again?

  6. There MIGHT be an importer for WLW, I'm not sure.

    Really, the best way is to paste the text into the TEXT editor, which removes all formatting and tags, and then click to Visual and format it. It's a pain, but as you've seen, the Paste from Word button is not infallible.

  7. Raincoaster, I've downloaded WLW and am giving it a shot. One problem I see right away is that while the font editor allows me to change fonts it does not let me change font SIZE. This is whether I type anew or past in from Word. Any thoughts?

    And thank you.

  8. My advice is not to mess around with fonts at all. If you want to change them throughout your blog, then bite the bullet, purchase the custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing because piddling around with this on each and very post and page you want to publish is a time suck.

  9. Okay, I've purchased that custom design upgrade, I bit the bullet. Now, how do I change the font for a new post? Please don't tell me you can't do that and that you can only change the entire blog!

  10. If you want to change them throughout your blog,

  11. Meaning--you can't change individual posts? Only the entire blog?

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