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Visualizar power points

  1. Hay alguna forma de poder incluir documentos office power point en los post?,y en una pagina secundaria?


  2. I'm sorry but we speak English on this site. This is what I think you are saying:

    Is there some form to being able to include documents office to power point in post?, and also secondary pages?

    Unfortunately will only accept images in jpg (JPEG Picture) format. It won't accept powerpoint. You'll need to find somewhere off-site to host the powerpoint document and then link to it in your post/page.

    Desafortunadamente aceptará solamente imágenes en formato del jpg (cuadro del JPEG). No aceptará el powerpoint. Usted necesitará encontrar en alguna parte el apagado-sitio para recibir el documento del powerpoint y después para ligarse a él en su post/page.

  3. I could have sworn that we could upload powerpoint presentations here. someone please do a search for me please. I'm stuck with one browser window :(

  4. It would seem you can:

    Nothing in the FAQ though.

  5. Thanks Collin. I vaguely remembered this thread too *lol*
    Mark would you please include powerpoint uploading in the FAQs ?

  6. @silveira
    I don't know how the link you provided above relates to the posting of powerpoints in blogs. Nor do I comprehend how it relates to me asking Mark (Podz) to provide having instructiona for doing the same included in the FAQs. Perhaps you would care to share why you posted the slideshow link in this thread. Tx

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