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Vodpod and Lockerz issues.

  1. Vodpod is now own by lockerz.

    I cannot organize my widgets for blogs anymore. I sent a support ticket to the new, asking how can I organize my videos in the widgets, I have not received any feed back, yet.

    Question 1: This sounds like a " support issue, but: has anyone figured out how to organize videos for their blog's vodpod widget?

    Issue 2:

    There use to be shortcode from that could post videos from a lot of websites, into an embedded frames at easily.

    When using the new marklet for videos, No Shortcode is offered by Lockers that I can find.

    example I added this video (A wordpress tutorial) from you-tube with the new marklet:

    this is the code lockerz offers, after adding to lockers is:

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    no shortcode, and this is not allowable code at wordpress,com. this is just a link to with an image.

    So will offer a new shortcode for Lockerz?
    what is going to happen with the vodpod widgets?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. in fact this what it looks like when I use code given by lockerz in a blog post.

    An imaged linked to

  3. dlager. It sucks that this isn't very clear yet. But I grabbed the "Lockerz Grab It" button (you drag it into your browser bookmarks) -- and then you click it just like you would with "Add to Vodpod" button. It will then go to your vodpod page and lockerz ... and it will also appear in your widget on your page. That's the way it works right now. I just did it about ten minutes ago -- and I found your question here because I had the same one. Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks.
    I did get a an E-mail reply back from Lockerz after I asked about organizing the Vodpod:

    from the response E-mail:

    Thanks for your email. We made every effort to migrate all of your videos to your new Lockerz account, however, some videos may be missing.

    To re-upload the video:

    1. Log into Lockerz.
    2. Click the plus sign icon (to the right of the shopping cart icon) at the top of the Lockerz page.
    3. Paste the embedded video code in the text box. Then click “Continue”.
    4. Select the collection that you'd like to add this video to and type in a title.
    5. Then submit!

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

    I would infer by this to just add or re add videos that one wants to show up first on the vodpod widget on blogs --- either by this method, or with the new Lockerz Marklet.

  5. As for the Vodpod short code that I have use on quite a few blog posts,
    I have questions.

    Am I going to have to replace that code on back posts?

  6. For anyone wondering about the vodpod shortcode.

    After you add a video to your "Decalz" collection at the

    -go to your decalz, and select the video you wish to post.

    -A new page with a player will load: the code is below the video.

    its the same vodpod shortcode/

  7. I keep getting the message "sorry, your decalz already exists"

  8. dlager, thank you thank you thank you!!!

    My Vodpod grab button no longer works (says "account not found" when I try to login) but your procedure including the way to find the shortcode worked like a dream,

    I don't know how I would have figured this out by myself. Again, many many thanks!!!

  9. 70swatchesgallery

    the grab it function works ok....but what we need is a new lockerz video widget to insert in our blogs that updates automatically like the vodpod widget used to do

    if i delete a video in the lockerz collection, it does not delete from the vodpod widget
    therefore we all have dead links to videos that doesnt exist anymore in our blogs

    Also a settings function that can allow us to organize the collections in a certain custom order, like we use to do in the past at vodpod ..will help a lot as well.

  10. presidentsrace

    Well, I'm completely lost. I used to embed videos on my blog from (which uses iFrames). It was pretty easy with Vodpod. I can't figure out where to begin with Lockerz. I paste the code and it just disappears from the screen.

  11. @presidentrace,
    you were successful before using the vodpod short code?

    I'm using the grab it! "bookmarklet" to post videos into a decal.

    after you add a video into your decal with the Grab it! bookmarklet , somewhere it asks:
    "would you like to view the video?"

    follow that link and it will take you to your new video in this "decal" that resembles the widget accounts.

    below the video it will say something like:
    "get shortcode".

    if you click that it will reveal the shortcode in brackets:
    something that looks like:
    [vodpod id=Video.3604&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

    that location is where to copy the code to put in your post or page.

    an examle what it looks like at my scrap blog:
    here using the code above.

  12. ok, but don't work this shortcode in the widget's sidebar

  13. I have the same problem as 70swatchesgallery with the sidebar widget.

    The widget is broken from; end.

    you cannot re-add old videos,
    it never truly deletes a video.
    and the widget does not always show the video you want.

  14. If you used the vodpod bookmarklet to quickly add a video in a post before,
    but you don't care about widgets... I found a better way.

    the Press this! bookmarklet with youtube.

    I tested it on youtube.
    I have not tested on all videos on youtube or else where yet.

    press the "press this!" bookmarklet on a youtube and you will immediately be able to add a video into a new post.

    this seems to be a nifty little secret. It uses less steps than adding a video by hand written shortcode or with the old vodpod bookmarklet.

  15. presidentsrace

    Nope. Bookmarklet not working. I click "Grab a Video" and it doesn't find the video. I paste the embed code and it just says "Add a Video Decalz" and refreshes the screen.

  16. Why doesn't WordPress just create a Widget for hosted blogs that display recent videos for a specified channel? Surely this is a basic and highly possible request?

    I too had a Vodspot widget and don't want to go through the hassle of using Lockerz.

  17. In short Vodpod worked and Lockrz doesn't. If they don't fix all the broken links with the old Vodpod widgets they will continue to piss off several thousand users.

  18. For what it's worth, I just don't get the point of Lockerz. The reason for its existence eludes me. Are you supposed to be able to purchase stuff there by accumulating points? I don't get it.

    I haven't gone back to review old articles to see if my videos still show. I've been too afraid to find them all broken.

  19. Hello!
    I tried to use the shortcode provided by Lockerz ([vodpod id=Video.16481359&w=425&h=350&fv=]) but WordPress doesn't seem to recognize it because the audioplayer that I wanted to show is not there just the empty space of it.

    Can anyone know what is going on? Thanks.

  20. midnightraverblog

    the same exact thing is happening to me as frankmarques. Just a big empty space. Vodpod was so user friendly. God this pisses me off

  21. The code is not working for me anymore either. old code works.... but new videos are only a big blank space when using the short code.

    The shortcode is suspiciously different too.

  22. I'm having the same problem as the three people above me. Not a happy camper.

  23. Yeah, I have this issue too (new short code gives a blank space).

    Gone back to using the gigya shortcode (but this doesn't work if post is viewed on Safari for iPad).

  24. presidentsrace

    What's gigya shortcode?

  25. From Lockerz support page on the VodPod widgets:
    Will my Vodpod widget still work?

    Lockerz Admin
    posted this on Jan 10 03:06 pm
    The Vodpod widget will still display and videos will play. However, you won't be able to add or remove any videos until the Lockerz widget is launched (coming soon!).
    ...6 months and counting. I guess VodPod widget users may be awaiting a post from WordPress on the "new" Lockerz video widget that replaces the-now-static VodPod widget.

  26. Emailed lockerz. They are apparently aware of the WordPress shortcode issue and are working toward a fix. Let's see how long it takes!

  27. My stuff on vodpod are working, but a strange thing: "Curated From:"???

  28. @rutherfordl: Exactly. I was wondering the same thing. Lockerz has done a terrible job of transitioning, and a terrible job of even explaining what the heck it is. Oh, by the way (in case you're wondering) -- those of you who built of Vodpod followers (I had over 1,500) -- lockerz did inform me that they will not transfer over. They must follow you again over at lockerz. Good luck with that. The site doesn't even work, so why would followers follow anyone there. Lockerz is a disaster right out of the block.

  29. Add me to the list of those who had no problems using Vodpod but can't make Lockerz work. The so-called WordPress shortcode it gives me just creates a big white space. That's assuming, of course, that (a) it recognizes and picks up the video I want and (b) gives me a WordPress shortcode. What a shame. Vodpod was a great tool.

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