Vodpod and Lockerz issues.

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    The code is not working for me anymore either. old code works…. but new videos are only a big blank space when using the short code.

    The shortcode is suspiciously different too.



    I’m having the same problem as the three people above me. Not a happy camper.



    Yeah, I have this issue too (new short code gives a blank space).

    Gone back to using the gigya shortcode (but this doesn’t work if post is viewed on Safari for iPad).


    What’s gigya shortcode?



    From Lockerz support page on the VodPod widgets:
    Will my Vodpod widget still work?

    Lockerz Admin
    posted this on Jan 10 03:06 pm
    The Vodpod widget will still display and videos will play. However, you won’t be able to add or remove any videos until the Lockerz widget is launched (coming soon!).
    …6 months and counting. I guess VodPod widget users may be awaiting a post from WordPress on the “new” Lockerz video widget that replaces the-now-static VodPod widget.



    Emailed lockerz. They are apparently aware of the WordPress shortcode issue and are working toward a fix. Let’s see how long it takes!



    My stuff on vodpod are working, but a strange thing: “Curated From: youtube.com”???


    @rutherfordl: Exactly. I was wondering the same thing. Lockerz has done a terrible job of transitioning, and a terrible job of even explaining what the heck it is. Oh, by the way (in case you’re wondering) — those of you who built of Vodpod followers (I had over 1,500) — lockerz did inform me that they will not transfer over. They must follow you again over at lockerz. Good luck with that. The site doesn’t even work, so why would followers follow anyone there. Lockerz is a disaster right out of the block.



    Add me to the list of those who had no problems using Vodpod but can’t make Lockerz work. The so-called WordPress shortcode it gives me just creates a big white space. That’s assuming, of course, that (a) it recognizes and picks up the video I want and (b) gives me a WordPress shortcode. What a shame. Vodpod was a great tool.




    lockerz issues…chapter 2

    now today to my surprise my vodpod sidebar widget has been changed by the system without my permision for a dull non working one, thats only shows ups last 5 uploaded
    to the lockerz account

    the rest of the videos cant be seen online onm the sidebar and of you click the links
    for visitors to follow my account or see the rest of the videos it goes to a wordpress “whoops what your looking for its not here” page

    if i go to my widget control panel to edit the widget code to try to cahnge it for the old one..any vodpod link now goes to a shiny spaceman lockerz 404 error page like
    this one


    great….this is just getting better and better…;-(



    Latest reply, update and suggestion from Lockerz Help Desk that actually seems to worsen the widget use/display when seeking to display more than **one** video.

    Jun 14 10:53 am (PDT):
    Hi there,
    We apologize for the length of time involving this matter and truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Our development team is still looking into making the widget work properly for Lockerz and it will hopefully be back in the settings page soon (http://lockerz.com/settings).
    If you currently have a blog hosted on wordpress.com and would like to change collections or even place the widget on your site, I have a special workaround for you in the time being, however it is limited to one type of widget style:
    1) From the WordPress admin page, go to the widgets panel and open the options for the Vodpod Widget
    2) Paste this code in the box: [theme=social lcid=###### widgetType=standard]
    3) Replace the ###### with your collection ID. You can find this number by going to a collection detail page and copying the number after the /c/ in the url. For example, my “A Capella” collection is located here: http://lockerz.com/c/3597765 — the number you would paste in the box is 3597765
    If you currently have a widget on your page and would like to change the order of your videos, please view this FAQ to do so: http://support.lockerz.com/entries/21261217-where-are-my-videos-and-how-do-i-organize-them
    If you have a self-hosted wordpress account, or any other blog/website and you wish to have the widget, unfortunately you will have to wait until we get the widget back in the settings page. Keep your eyes peeled!
    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

    Mr. Lockerz l Member Experience Guru l Lockerz.com



    thats a tad primitive, and the links inside the widged still doesnt work

    but at least its a good sign they showed up..



    I got the following from them today:

    Mason, Jun 14 11:01 am (PDT):

    Hi there,

    We apologize for the length of time involving this matter and truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    If you would like to add the wordpress shortcode to your wordpress blog, visit the video decal detail page of the video you want to publish and scroll down underneath the “Loved By” section on the right and click the “WordPress Shortcode” button. Copy this code and you can publish it on wordpress!

    Note: If youtube/vimeo is not working properly for you, please copy the iframe code from the original source, as iframe code does work with wordpress. Any youtube/vimeo issues should be resolved shortly!

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

    Best, Mason

    –Mr. Lockerz l Member Experience Guru l Lockerz.com




    That would involve still changing all the code for all the back entries, if it works…



    So if the lockerz people are having code problems, maybe someone can help them? It sort of seems like they are trying to solve the issue, maybe the original vodpod people can help? WordPress can help, someone can help?


    now my vodpod widget has dissapear
    from my blog without any advice wtf …?¿?



    an educated guess: Lockerz redirected the resources elsewhere, pulled the plug on the vodpod system (since they probably laid off the guys that knew how the thing worled), and abandoned the effort…. quietly.

    the WordPress crew probably has a new strategy they have yet to unveil. Hopefully it is sooner than later, as my affected blog is less sticky without the VodPod feature.

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