vodpod audio, but no picture!

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    I have been scratching my head on this one for hours now! usually, i can just google the problem and lo and behold someone else has had the problem and someone provides the solution!! But unforuntately, it looks like i’m the only one with the problem.

    I add the Vodpod successfully to the side bar using a widget (register with vodpod, choose some vids, get the code, plug it in the vidpod wordpress widget) but when i click on the video, the little video popup pops up, but i nothing happens UNTIL i close the little popup, at which point the audio to my video starts playing, but you don’t get the picture!

    The problem lies somewhere with the layers or something (my techincal knowledge isn’t great; if I add the vodpod as a “sidebar” (vertical) then i get the problem, but if i add it as a “horizontal bar” it DOEs work, but the video popup appears on the right of the sidebar (the sidebar itself is alrady on the right of the blog posts) which means you have to scroll to the right to view the video…

    This happens for ALL vodpods that I have seen in other wordpress blogs. Someone help me!!! (the vodpod plays fine within the vodpod web area, but doesn’t work when i run it thourhg the wordpress widget)



    Do you have a link to your blog so we can try and work out what’s going on? I’m afraid I don’t use Vod:Pod so I’m not sure how much help I can be, but this sounds more like a browser issue to me as you see it happening on all WordPress blogs and I’ve never seen that or heard anyone else mention it. Which browser are you using? Firefox, IE? Have you checked to make sure you have the very latest version of Flash and other updates? That Javascript is enabled in your browser?




    I have the same problem since a couple of days.
    Videos not playing at all or videos playing only sound.
    It worked perfect for about a week and then it broke.

    My browser is IE and my blog is http://avesdetuzona.wordpress.com

    or http://www.avesdetuzona.com

    I moved the vodpod player at the bottom of my left sidebar.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I was really exited with this widget and was at the top left wing of the blog





    Which Operating System and version of IE are you running?





    Ooops. You’re right. It’s not working with Windows Vista and IE 7.
    It works with XP and IE 7 and earlier.

    What can I do for Vista?




    Have you contacted vodpod on this? Since it works with XP/IE and not with Vista/IE, I would suspect it’s a vodpod and Vista issue.



    I hope Spencer from Vodpod has a key for me

    Thank u



    I don’t know how often he checks the wordpress forum, so you have done the right thing in contacting vodpod direct.

    Best wishes for a good outcome, and please post back here and let us all know what they tell you.



    yes, i posted this same post on the vodpod forum…though not sure whether they check it or not… lets hope we get an answer soon.

    Come to think about it, i’d be suprised if they didn’t already know about it!



    I also left spencer a message a link to this thread in it.



    is this ever going to get a resolution???!


    Other than suggesting that you again contact vodpod, I don’t know what to suggest. I don’t think it is something that is within wordpress’s control.

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