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vodpod colors/customizing

  1. can this be done? when I change the colors at, it doesn't seem to happen on the wordpress widget. am I doomed to a permanent grey color? ;) thanks for any info. :)

  2. Really? I haven't had a problems replicating the vodpod widgets colors on blogs. In fact, quite the opposite as I seem to have more trouble matching the colors since I change themes so often.


  3. hmm...I don't know why I'm struggling so much with vopod.

  4. trent: so you just change the colors on vodpod and you get an automatic corresponding change on the wordpress widget?'re making the change ON wordpress. if so, how do you do this?

  5. ok nevermind..hehe..I figured it out.

    for those who may also struggle with this:

    the change must be made on vodpod and then you have to select the 'wordpress' platform. then, there's a long weird looking code that gets pasted INTO the wordpress vodpod widget INSTEAD of the pod name, which is what the original wordpress instructions show (that works too but it doesn't entail a custom color..etc).

  6. I was just writing something up for you! Glad you got it working!


  7. it doesnt work leh.. it shows error on my page

  8. Hello,

    I do like you said but the problem is here : I CAN'T change my vodpod settings... Hmmm, I change it on the vodpod website but when I pick up the url to put it on the widget, it does'nt change the skin when I save...

    Strange, anyone can help me ?

  9. Is the post 3 above your own helpful?

  10. No, because I do what weirdscience said. When I pick up the url and put it in the widget, it doesn't change on my website... It's so weird.

  11. Someone can help me ? :/

  12. What color did you want to use (i see the default grey on your blog, which matches your Chaotic Soul theme)?

    It could be that your sidebar hasn't updated to the new settings yet. Sidebar info is cached separately from content, and they are sometimes a little slow in updating.

    If the color doesn't change in the next couple of hours, you might want to try VodPod support.

  13. I want to change the style of my widget like this : Click here

    But when I put the code they give to me, it doesn't change anything...

    If you have an idea...

  14. :-(

  15. I did the best I could for you when a vodpod team member posted yesterday
    Do you have a firefox browser?
    Have you tried asking the vodpod team for help?

  16. @ratrafun:
    I looked at the image you posted, but i honestly couldn't see what the difference was between what you wanted and what you got. What exactly is the problem?

  17. Hello timethief.

    Thank you for your help, I'll check the url every day to see if raanan can help me. ;) Yes I have a Firefox browser and I don't ask the vodpod team yet. I'm french and it's hard to explain exactly when we have problems. Yes we have french forums but it's the Sahara...

    @judyb : The problem is the skin of the sidebar. I want the second version of the sidebar (the one you can see on the image) but when I put the link to my wordpress blog, it doesn't change anything and I see the first version of the sidebar. (like you can see on the blog : Do you understand ?

  18. Okay, after going to VodPod myself and looking at the difference between sidebar 1.0 and sidebar 2.0, i understand the problem.

    You don't want the number of views or the dated added to show in the sidebar, right? The problem is, the code VodPod tells you to paste into your widget doesn't change when you switch from one version to the other.

    In my opinion, this is a VodPod issue, not a issue. You can ask VodPod for support by using the "Send Feedback" link in the bottom right corner of any VodPod page.

  19. Thank you very much judyb for the info ! I'll check with vodpod like you said and let you know as soon as I can. Thanks !

  20. No problem. I'm glad i was able to finally understand the trouble you were having :)

  21. No answer from Vodpod. :(

  22. I'm having EXACTLY the same problem... I can get the widget working but its v1 and I cant alter it at all...

  23. I've now tried from two different browsers with same result... the feed will work but the look cannot be altered.

    I must say i was skeptical from the outset. Its pretty clear that the wordpress widget was programmed to accommodate a user profile like rather than at 30 letter combo. I had the vibe it wouldn't work even before I saw that it didn't.

    As for who needs to fix it? Its probably a combination of the two so for anyone else ripping their hair out... don't hold your breath :-)

  24. Hello and thank you for your reply ! Pthurst, please let me know if you found a solution with a comment in my blog ! I'll be glad to know the solution.

  25. I'm afraid I've drawn a blank... It obviously won't work I'm afraid!

  26. And vodpod doesn't reply... So bad.

  27. Up

  28. @ratrafun
    I sympathize with you but we volunteers at can do nothing for you. :(

  29. Ok, I try to up this post because maybe one day someone could have the solution who says... :(

  30. @ratrafun amd @pthurst- mark from here.

    our apologies for the problems you had configuring the colors and style of the sidebar widgets. we had a bug on our end for a week or so that was causing problems with configuration of the widget. it should all be working fine. if not, please feel free to send me an e-mail: mark AT or to feedback AT we're pretty good about responding to problems within 24 hours (sometimes a little slower on the weekends, admittedly).

    also, some useful links--
    you can configure your widgets here:

    here are some posts on the FAQ section of our blog specifically about configuring widgets:

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