Vodpod embedding in posts works on my computer, but no one elses’?!

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    Hi everyone.

    I just started up a page where I’m embedding a Box.net folder widget for every post I create (i.e. NOT a sidebar widget). Thanks to the instructions on a blog by Geekycoder, I was able to do just that using Vodpod (the pasting of the Vodpod shortcode into the WordPress post method).

    Unfortunately, none of my family or friends can see these widgets on their computers (all they see is a blank space where the flash item is supposed to be). I’ve tested that it works on three browsers on my own own pc and checked that I’m sharing all the right things. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    I know it’s not a plugin issue, because my friends can see embedded Vodpod widget from other people’s pages.

    Here’s a link to the blog http://jowjm.wordpress.com/,
    and a link to my vodpod page http://jarbalix.vodpod.com/ in case there’s anyone out there who could help.



    Hi. I can see your box.net widgets, and they play alright, but your page took too long to load: at first I only saw the pics, the texts, and the blank space you mention, then the widgets came up. When you link to material from another site, if that site takes long to load, then your blog page will too. So perhaps it’s just that your friends have a slow connection. Maybe you could try further reducing the number of posts per page (to one?) and see if it makes a difference.



    That’s a thought. Thanks panaghiotisadam! I’ll give that a shot.



    Problem solved.

    One post per page, and everyone is happy.

    Thanks again.

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