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VodPod Videos Blank

  1. Is anyone else having problems with VodPod?

    When I try and post a video onto my blog ( the text shows, but where the video is meant to be, its just a blank square...

    Thanks in advance

  2. Do you have an example post?

  3. Is your blog self-hosted, or hosted by This may be related to a problem differentiating those two cases. I think you've got my direct email at vodpod if you want to contact me there.

    vodpod team

  4. i'm having the same problem here:

    my blog is hosted by wordpress.


  5. I'm having no problems myself (using Windows XP, and Firefox 3.0.1), but some of my readers are having problems watching videos already posted.

  6. amorath -- i looked at your post, and the problem seems to be that you're trying to embed an image. Vodpod is for grabbing, posting, and collecting videos with embed codes. Our tool really isn't built for other formats (though it may occasionally work to support other object with embed codes).

    jtur001 -- can you send us a link to the videos where you are having problems? feedback AT thanks!

  7. ok, thanks....

  8. epigonic, everything seems to be working now regardless. Thanks anyway!

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