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    For 2 days now I have had trouble embedding Vod:Pods. They won’t show up in previews to I embedded my videos the old way. Fortunately all 3 of them were on the WordPress.com positive list. But I think I’d better start a thread because something seems to be wrong? I am pretty sure I did follow all guidelines in my attempts to embed via the brilliant VodPod system.

    Please say something, folks. :-)

    The blog I need help with is universalgeni.wordpress.com.



    I’ll say something: this is probably my fault, because I was teaching WordPress.com at the Northern Voice blogging conference and wanted to demo Vodpod.

    So it went down.

    The same thing happens every time I try to demo something. Twitter went down, Vodpod went down, even YouTube went down once while I was teaching. I must have some superpower that does it.

    It’s back up now and working for me. How about you?


    Thanks, raincoaster. Today it worked! Tested a minute ago. :-)


    Seems to be down for me. All vids added with vodpod are not working.


    Vodpod videos are still not working. Any one have any suggestions?


    The vodpod gives me the following code:
    [vodpod id=Video.3627959&w=425&h=350&fv=m%3D100053674%26type%3Dvideo%26a%3D0]

    Video works fine on Vodpod.com. Shows up as a black screen on wordpress.



    We need the URL of a specific post you’ve made on WP.com in order to look and diagnose the problem. Have you ever successfully added a Vodpod video before? Are you using the visual editor or HTML editor.


    Vodpods unstable today. Again! Really not good….


    News: Vodpods up and running again…


    I still encounter VodPod problems. I have a VodPod url that ends with: autoPlay%3Dfalse. I guess that means that it wont auto-start, because is doesn’t.

    Is that the reason why it wont play? Because VodPod’s urls normally do not have that ending…


    It wont load on the blogs preview…

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