Volunteering to help not for profit groups set up websites using WordPres

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    I just had yet another request from a small not for profit organisation here in Australia to help them set up a website for their organisation using WordPress.com.

    It makes sense because WordPress.com is so quick and easy to use – particularly if someone can do the initial setup for them.

    I always say no because I am already way to busy but I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who is volunteering (i.e. for free) to help not for profit organisations set up basic websites using WordPress.



    Tell me more about the organisation, their existing site link, the work they do etc. And please link your usename to your blog from profile settings.



    This particular organisations current website is http://www.uoaq.org.au but it is only one of a number who have asked for help. They give free advice to people who are involved with body corps here in Australia. Current site was done for free incl. hosting using Joomla.

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