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    Ok, there are lots of adsense topics and we seem to be not seen. Maybe if all of us wanting to implement adsense on our blogs will post here (just to reply) somebody will notice us? Come on. We can do it :)



    Spamming the forum you already know to be full of these threads with yet another one is going to make staff more sympathetic to your plea?

    Oh, yeah. That’ll work.



    I think that being able to put AdSense on my blog would be cool. I have some room for th ads. I would pay for it. Just saying, of course.



    Voting Sheet for Adsense
    Would you want adsense for your blog(s)

    [1] No
    [ ] Yes



    Seeing Word Press in’s list of sites that host free blogs where broke people like me could make money (even without investing some) through getting certain AdSense ads for free (provided that these blogs get lots of visitors)… I signed up here, imported my Blogger posts, deleted my Blogger account… only to find out later that Word Press isn’t one of the said sites. Now, if Word Press isn’t going to allow my much needed AdSense ads soon, it seems that I’ll have to agonizingly start all over again. So, please, I’m begging you, allow AdSense ads! Thanks….



    You really should have looked into WordPress and decided what worked for you before deleting your Blogger account. Remember, these are all free services.



    Would you like to have “Who is your lover/classmate” all over the place? I sure wouldnt.

    I think thats why Akismet was created, to block spam and adverts. ;)

    So, no.


    that’s what already shows people coming in to your blog from google. How else do you think they can afford to offer free blogs to everyone who signs up?

    And you want to display more ads on top of that. Don’t you care about your readers at all?



    …and no one from Staff replied to my post/emal.

    Matt claimed it was bug when some other blogger pointed it out in his blog, I wonder what it is in my case? Staff is quite – and the reponse has not come, though they are usualy very quick to reply.



    Staff have mentioned they are looking into ways for users to avoid ads in the future, but I am not sure about having our own. Either way, there are 100’s of threads with adsense, so you can always search around for more information.




    I’m going to vote for adsense,why because google and all the others recognize wordpress to advertise on so why not run an ad or two to make some money,everybody else does it why not us wp users who want to also.


    One thing to remember, is that unless you get 10 thousand hits per day on your blog, you will be lucky to make a mclunch or two per month. People get $$$$ in their eyes and dreams of making themselves a quick million, and that is definitely the exception rather than the rule.



    thesacredpath is right. Why on earth would you want to junk up your blog and risk spoiling your visitors’ experience for one Happy Meal a month? If you’re that poor, you should probably be spending your time working rather than blogging.

    What we NEED here at is a way to OPT OUT of the Adsense ads that Automattic currently uses to pay the bills, and I’m quite willing to pay for that. I’d pay as much as $50/year, in fact.


    adsense should be allowed.

    Even though you barely make millions with it, it would be nice if I just could make 5 bucks a week. Thats like my allowance money lol.

    I didn’t start my blog though, needa get me some contact first n all that.

    But yeah, would be great!



    You won’t likely make $5 a week. Seriously. I am being serious here.



    If you want to make *a little* money with your blog, consider an affiliate program (such as Amazon Associates). Advantages over ads include:
    – you have complete control over what gets “advertised.”
    – for many such programs, your affiliate link provides a service to your users. For example, by sending them to an Amazon product page, you send them to reviews of the product.
    – permits things such as “writing original book or movie reviews and linking them to Amazon”*

    That said, please note that:
    – if making money from your blog is important to you, is the wrong host for you
    – explicitly bans “Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs”*

    Link to the source for these quotes:



    It’s not that horrible, in blogspot I have adsense, and you can choose the size of what you want to promote (and the categorie of what you want as an ad). I vote yes



    Yes, Please


    I’m sure if you’ve looked at any of the hundreds of other adsense threads here that there ARE Adsense ads already on blogs. It’s just that the $$ goes to them, not you. If you want to have Adsense ads, you can self-host. I doubt if it will be worth it, though. Like Rain said, it’s less than pocket change.



    Yes, please!

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