Vote for adsense!

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    allowing adsense which mean allowing JavaScript. Everybody know that Automattic Inc take security precaution with not allowing JavaScript. So i just don’t think adsense wil be allowed on



    Yes, I wish we were allowed!
    I know that I’m not going to become a millionaire but I think we should have the choice.



    I would really like to be allowed to use adsense.



    I vote for adsense!



    I think having Adsense on people’s blogs would make them want to post more frequently with better quality content and spend more of their precious time blogging (and promoting in the process) because there is a bit of a financial reward at the end of the day… just my opinion.


    Yeah except that everyone will be reading your blog in their feed reader or with adblock because they can’t stand the sight of the ads. Nobody makes money by advertising to their regular readers, only to people coming in searching for something else, and Automattic are already creaming off all that money so you are out of luck.



    Please implement the adsense widget! I don’t mind paying a nominal fee every month for it.



    why u’re always thinking about adsense…it will only make google richer rather than make u a milionaire



    It’s not important whether you make $5.00 or $500.00 a month…if adsense can pay for a lunch once in a while, then what’s the harm?

    By allowing adsense on wp blogs, wordpress won’t lose anything. They can charge us extra for the “option” to include adsense and they can still run adsense for themselves on other blogs — not to mention the revenue they get from the “VIP” blogs (CNN, etc.)

    Let us have adsense! We make money — you make money.


    It is on it’s way. Read this comment:

    Things take time…




    Please make it optional. *begs*



    I want also place some adsense on my blog, why is it not optional… It is very easy to make it optional…



    why is it always about making money?
    lets stay away from the ‘spam’ adsense and
    remember why we chose WordPress in the first place ?*!



    why is it always about making money?

    Maybe some people just like the downmarket look a cluster of those cheesy ads provides. ;)



    You have to make an effort to write a blog; I don’t see the harm in making money off of it. Things are tough for some people, and money doesn’t come easily. If they can make a few bucks to help out with the rent from some ads, why not? Sites like WordPress make tons of money off their bloggers; it’s about money for them.



    I would love to make some money with adsense and put it on my blog. I have been waiting for wordpress to let us do so.



    So… why won’t let us have ad’s? What do they lose?

    Yes [1]
    No [0]

    #188822 will lose revenue from the ads they put on your blog.

    Wild speculation: If it happens it will be a paid upgrade, and it will be expensive enough for them to cover their expected revenue loss. What will the cost of the upgrade be? I don’t know, but I expect for most bloggers, knowing what a few people make who get multiple thousands of blog hits per day, it will most likely cost more than you will make. Then everyone will be complaining, “I’m not making enough off of my ads, what is wrong, is WordPress blocking me? How can I increase the number of clicks on the ads, etc.”



    To those who think the ‘no-ads’ policy of WordPress should be continued as ads would just add to the clutter and ugliness of the blog, please do remember that your blogs are already flodded with ad-sense, mine is, and I am getting no respite from them.

    Adsense is showing between the comments

    and is totally flooding the posts, showing immediately after the post title and at the end of the post The posts are nested between ad-sense ads!



    You are right. For those who haven’t seen them, you can take a look here to see what is being done to your blogs with the WordPress adsense:

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