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Vote for adsense!

  1. I agree. Let us post adsense. Its better for you, us and the general economies "state".
    If people those who are opposed to it, dont want to click on tads they don't have too. Maybe also a limit of ads and positions would be tasteful and in accordance with your mission still.

  2. Please allow atleast a small space as widget so that we may place a single adsense in it...
    both of us will be profited...

  3. well, competition will catch up with wordpress..... its only a matter of time. WordPress should consider adding Adsense and similar capabilities to their basic blogging platform.

  4. good ting for making money, considering that people would post their blogs selectively and perfectly, hence I would like to vote for adsence...... Why not we put forward our blogging site to reach the world's attraction.....

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