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    Hi … I’d love to see a user vote for the next new theme and widget/feature to be added to the site. Like, I’ve been jonesing for a Digg embed count feature for a long time…but I know others want something else.

    So put it up for a vote, “American Idol” style.

    RANDY: “Sorry Digg widget, you were a little pitchy, dog…”
    PAULA: “But you’re beauuutiful and you have a great personality…”
    SIMON: “Thank you, exit is to the left.”



    Gotta disagree on that one as folks around here do not seem to realize how different features impact the usage around here. Or decrease security.

    And some themes flat out will not work on WordPress Multiuser.

    Feel free to submit your suggestion via feedback though.



    Any pointers on which sort of themes ‘flat out will not work’? I know that anything with options or javascript is dodgy, but is there anything else we need to look out for?


    i think voting would be awesome. something like the ideas forum on

    also, like wank, i refuse to believe that ‘flat out will not work’ means anything real.



    Honest answer – Check the WPMu subforum:

    Anything very fancy like built in functions usually have a fairly good chance of breaking within WPMu. For example PlanetOzh‚Äôs WordPress Theme Toolkit breaks on WPMu. That’s why we have the older version of (Dang, I can’t thihnk of it. The theme that starts with an ‘O’.)


    point being that regulus was built with the theme toolkit, and was coerced into working.



    Agreed but they stripped out all of those settings that were in there from the toolkit.



    Just thinking strategically for a minute. I would hazard a guess that over the next few months the kind of thinking which informs these dialogues is likely to change. There are new products and new functionality on the way. WP dot com will eventually move over. That would be my take.

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