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Vote in the poll tests - Is is the best free blog host?

  1. We all know that there is no elegant widget {HINT} that we can use for polls on blogs.

    I'm trying out some polls that link back to a central voting and tabulation site and I need you to vote so we can see how they work, or not.

    Question: Is is the best free blog host?

    Please vote

  2. tt,
    of course you know we all love best. otherwise we wouldn't have blogs HERE in the first place! :D
    but this thread is an excellent way to promote the poll posts, i must say. and i am following your examlpe :D

    everybody else,
    if you can spare some moments and come over to my post on reviews for polling services that work for blogs, please do so.

    there are three surveys and seven polling services that are compatible. i appreciate your time.

    Create free polls and free surveys for your blog!

  3. I've been and commented :)

  4. I use to have polls on my other blog placed on the sidebar. Then the poll I was using, forgot the name, stopped polling and started at 0. :( So I stopped polling and took them out.

  5. @mmslo
    Please let me know if you find another poll we can use on that sanjidabd and I haven't tested yet. And please vote to so we can see how these two polls work and assess what we do or don't like about them.

  6. Will you let us know when you've done a roundup post? Some of us are lazy and just want to know what other people think.

  7. Certainly, I'll post the outcome shortly. :)

  8. I have now tested these and know that as well as Lucky Polls they can all be used by bloggers:

  9. Testing Polls for Blogs 1
    strongly agree (29%) - 5 votes
    agree 23.5% - 4 votes
    undecided 17.6% - 3 votes
    disagree 11.8% - 2 votes
    strongly disagree 17.6% 9 - 3 votes

    total votes = 17 votes

    Testing Polls for Blogs 2
    strongly agree (36%)
    agree (21%)
    strongly disagree (21%)
    don't know (10%)
    disagree (10%)

    19 total votes

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