Voting/Ranking system for site of videos?

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    Hi all,

    I’m looking for some help with an idea I have.

    I have a website that is basically a source where I link youtube videos for an organization. There are about 100 videos linked at the moment, and I use some basic tags to cross reference them.

    What I’d really love to do is have a system where the videos are can be voted on by people viewing the site, and the votes generate an auto-updating “top 10” list which is viewable on the home screen. Is this do-able?

    Right now the site is a “” site (not the actual url, just meaning its off the web templates, not installed on the server). Would I need to install it on the server and use a widget of some kind?




    To enable PollDaddy ratings on your blog posts, pages, and comments, go to the Settings -> Ratings menu in your dashboard.

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