Vox importation completely failed

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    At 8:53 am this morning, I got an e-mail from WordPress telling me that my Vox import had been successful. Really? Let’s take a look.

    Here’s my Vox blog, where it will be for maybe another 36 hours:


    Here’s my WordPress blog:


    Notice how the only post on it is my “straightforward greeting” post from December 24? Perhaps we have differing definitions of success, but I was thinking that really, almost by definition, a successful importation of one blog into another would have to end in at least one of the posts from the blog being imported, actually being copied into the blog that the import was going into? Indeed, if I might be so bold, I might even go so far as to suggest that before you called the import a success, you should have managed to copy all of the posts on the Vox blog being imported. Yes, even the private ones, which you should have been able to reach because you do ask us for our Vox passwords before beginning the importation.

    So, I might be going out on a limb on this one, but I think something might have gone wrong.

    The blog I need help with is morninglife.wordpress.com.



    PS. Does anybody know of anywhere that does have a working Vox importer? I tried Posterous, too, last week or so, and their importer was a flop, as well.



    Try again from scratch. Due to the fact that WP.com is currently importing 30 million blogs from Microsoft, the importer is a little bit overloaded.



    “Try again from scratch.”

    But that I could. When I go to the Vox importer page, even after clear my cache and refreshing the page, I see this message:


    We’re processing your import now and will send you an email when it’s all done. If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours, please contact support, and we’ll get everything fixed.”

    which runs contrary to the e-mail I got this morning. I’m hoping that the second message is true, because the 30th is now less than 2 days away. I have had the sense to download extra copies of my posts, but cutting and pasting by hand would be annoying.

    News to me about Livespaces. I expect that Microsoft will take some heat about that. I will say this for them – at least they are said to have given six months notice to their users. SixApart didn’t even announce the September 30 closing of Vox until a few days into this month, doing so during the late summer, when a lot of people could reasonably be expected to be out and away from their computers for a while, and not even sending us any notification by e-mail about the closing until … I think it was the 15th of this month.

    So, by comparison, Microsoft is showing a lot more class. Weird thing is, SixApart will probably get a lot more love.



    I did see a note from one of the Happiness Engineers that the email was not always in sync with the importer bringing in W L whatever it is. With the importer a bit overloaded it looks like the email might be a bit premature –



    They are saying that importing is currently taking 24 hours, so I expect your Processing message is correct.

    SixApart is better-connected than Microsoft, so they do get more love.



    Please read again, raincoaster. The message doesn’t indicate that 24 hours is the minimum delay that we should expect, it indicates that 24 hours is the maximum.

    It is now 5:16 am Chicago time as I’m writing this. I do believe that it has been over 24 hours at this point. There is still not even a single post transferred, somewhere around a day to go before Vox closes, and no movement, not a word from WordPress.

    Patience is rapidly becoming a luxury that I can’t afford. When I get up in a few hours, second choice or not, I’m just going to have to go with Multiply and hope their import function works, I guess, because WordPress completely dropped the ball. They know that the deadline is looming for people at Vox, and that most of us were given two weeks notice – and then only if we happened to be reading our e-mail that day – but they’re going to make importing for a bunch of people who have six months to go their first priority?

    Gee, thanks. That’s beautiful.



    Multiply didn’t do much better. They imported the first few lines from the posts on the first page, and that was it – their “importer” doing nothing more than copying the entries off of the feed, and then backdating them all to 1969, for some reason.

    At about which point, I had an epiphany. In this whole dismal sequence of events, I was the only one making a real effort to make things work, and I was the only one who wasn’t being paid to do so. Which raised a question – why am I doing this? I’ve saved copies of my posts for my own records, so I’m not going to lose any of my own writing, so what, really, do I stand to lose if I let my blog evaporate on the 30th?

    The chance to give a little helpful advice to those visiting Chicago, for members of a community whose operating principle can seem to be summed up by the words “we don’t care”. Really, how much difficulty should I have in returning that lack of feeling? So, I have a new vision of website management, which I like to call the “f*** it” philosophy. I’ll make a reasonable effort to make things work and if the reasonable effort isn’t enough, because other people aren’t willing to be reasonable, I’ll go “f*** it!” and let it go. If things get f**ked up in some way after that, it’s not on me.

    Was it reasonable for Vox to decide to shut down only two weeks after sending out the announcement by e-mail, in late summer, no less? H*** no. Is it reasonable that companies like WordPress and Multiply are wasting the time of people madly scrambling to save their content with importers that don’t work, and then publicly patting themselves on the back for their non-efforts? Absolutely not. Have I put some real time into trying to move my blog, at a time when I had other things to do, only to see it put to waste by a bunch of people who felt that they had the right to scr** up on the job?” Yep. So, f*** it!

    I’ve got s**t to do. WordPress – guys, get it together. Or don’t. It’s all the same to me.



    @morninglife, I think I cleared your importer a few hours ago for you for restart.

    Have you tried re-running it yet? What’s the current state that you’re seeing?



    Yes, I did, indeed. The posts seem to have come through, intact and set to private. It’s all good, now.

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