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    Vridar is a blog that is critical of the status quo in religious studies at university departments really throughout the world. Recently, a “scholar” made a complaint about Vridar’s criticisms and WordPress has taken down the blog. According to the blog’s owner, Neil Godfrey, WordPress claims it sent a takedown notice, but Godfrey says he did not receive any notices. WordPress now says, according to Godfrey, that he must file legal action if he wishes to resolve this case. As a longtime follower of Vridar, I am dismayed that wordpress is complicit with the complainant’s apparent attempt to censor vridar’s critique of his work.

    I strongly encourage wordpress to restore Vridar and stop this nonsense with censorship.

    The blog I need help with is geoffbarrett15.wordpress.com.



    This refers to the vridar.wordpress.com site, by the way.

    This case is being discussed a bit around the web. It’s a bit harsh to shut down the whole site over one post, surely? (although I gather that post DID violate copyright). Doesn’t make WordPress look good.

    Can I suggest that WordPress offer to send the chap an export of his blog and the wp-content/uploads file?



    If the post violates copyright, of course the site is offline. Otherwise all of WP.com could get shut down.

    Do you see that part where it says “To contact us please see this support document” http://vridar.wordpress.com/

    Well, please see that support document. Until the owner of the blog contacts staff through that link and no other, there won’t be any access, there won’t be any export, things will remain just as they are. If the owner contacts them and works it out with them, the blog could well be relaunched or exported, depending on the terms they work out between them and staff.



    ” (although I gather that post DID violate copyright). “

    I don’t think it violated copyright :l



    That’s between the blog owner and staff. It doesn’t matter what we in the forum think.

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