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Vsocial, Metcafe...

  1. How can we post it, is there any cheat code that we can do to get this videos in our blogs? YouTube doesn't allow certain videos that infringe copyright taking off the videos after days or even hours. Vsocial besides from don't "care" about it´and also has better image quality.

  2. I haven't got Clue One what your post says, but asking for a way to "cheat" --infringe copyright??? You are joking? Or: you've had a few dozen too many?

  3. Best bet would be to take a look at the FAQ blog. Right on the front page lists links to the three methods of placing videos on a blog.

  4. Offcourse not poppy8sd, I was saying more like in the computor games when you write something in a way to it will able something. I'm probably confusing you but it's just that there are such great and funnny videos from show like South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons..., that we can't put on Youtube.

  5. Oh, there are plenty of those on YouTube. NBC, among others, has started to be a lot more lenient, since they noticed that YouTube can actually bring them viewers. I have a couple of South Parks, a Family Guy, and a Simpsons mashup, all from YouTube.

  6. like South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons

    All of which are copywrited. If you post them on your blog you are leaving yourself open to prosecution from the copywrite owner.

    Just saying...

  7. Mashups are a grey area though like fanfiction. And since we allow blogs that links to download sites where you can download pirated software...

    I wonder if Grouper would take them.

  8. Different copyright owners enforce these things differently. Everyone remembers how nasty NBC was over "Lazy Sunday" but now they've changed their policy. What was true about different corporations' enforcement/sharing policies six months ago may not be true today.

    I don't think there has EVER been an issue with South Park, though. For a long time YouTube et al online was the only place you could see that infamous Tom Cruise episode, which Parker and Stone mentioned in interviews.

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