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  1. haha....withmalice. I'm sorry I meant to ask whether you posted about your new job on your site. Sometimes I don't clarify myself properly. Sorry about that. But since you don't mind my being nosy, I'll e-mail you in a bit :)

    My wahoo!!!!!! My best day ever was 66. (Yes, I know but I'm happy with that for my wee blog) Today I had 114 views!!!! On posts about all my unfinished projects. Who would have thought that would interest so many people. Maybe it's better than my finished work??? :(

  2. Congrats. There are a larger group of people who can identify with unfinished projects than finished ones, of course.

  3. I guess you're right, raincoaster. Maybe I shouldn't finish them, no one will care. Just kidding. You think I'd get off this darn computer and do something about it though.

  4. There was a craze for digital beading that went around a few years ago. Maybe you should post about that. Seriously, people would "bead" for hours! Took me forever to figure out that it wasn't real.

  5. When I first read your reply, I thought it was an odd way to spend time. Not ending up with any real product, but then.....what a great way to design before you make it. You'd save so much time by doing it first and knowing how the colour mix looked, the design and even the bead count. How cool! Thanks raincoaster! I have to go look it up now.

  6. I heard a red wing blackbird singing today.
    It's almost spring!!!!


  7. Wahoo!!!! I'm at 1999 hits. (that's total) Hurry someone hit me and put me to 2000! I honestly never thought a bead site would get traffic. :)

  8. mem: oh, lovely spring. enjoyed your dance!

    bead: how terrific! very many congrats!!!

  9. Okay, you're over 2000 now. Congrats!

  10. Thanks museditions raincoaster, much appreciated!


    Dying professor, Dr. Randy Pausch knows he is dying. He gave this 10 minute speech on Oprah. Watch it when you have time.

  12. Wahoo! I've finished work here in Nagoya - moving in only TEN MORE DAYS!
    Have my new apartment, pretty much organized most things...
    Moving: so exciting, but sad at the same time!

  13. Congrats. Moving is a PIA but exciting, too.

    My blogging for nonprofits class is fully-booked, and an internet company wants me to organize a special day-long workshop just for them. Same $, half the number of students!

  14. thesacredpath

    Upgraded my self-hosted blog today to 2.5 and everything went smoothly.

    A word of warning though, if there are those out there like me that have a bunch of "parked" text widgets languishing around in your "available widgets" area with stuff in them that you would like to keep, copy all of it out and into a draft post or a text file. 2.5 empties the text widget when you remove it from the sidebar.

    The whole new widget admin area took a step backwards instead of forward.

  15. Ouch! Thanks, that's good to know.

  16. here @ the house we just want to take a moment to thank our neighbors, and all makers of aluminum foil. television is particularly entertaining tonight and we'd have missed it without you.

    so, thanks again, neighbors and aluminum-foil makers, we love you!

  17. Dude - I want what diss is having....and I want to watch whatever diss is watching.

    Hey, did you see the Bluegrass Stakes? Pyro finished 10th!!!!! Monba (remember him from the Fountain of Youth? he was the favorite that finished dead last and got cut/bruised up) came back to win. Todd Pletcher's got a Derby horse.

    Gayego also looked pretty good winning the Arkansas Derby. He's good to go on dirt.

  18. Pyro finishing 10th
    War Pass finishing last

    That's why I don't bet on horses. I'd lose the farm.

    Makes me wonder though if they're not holding their own horses up somehow in hopes of making more $ @ the betting window.


    Something else along those lines - something not very good. Jes don make know cents.

  19. be neat to see Autismn Awareness come back all of a sudden and make the Derby. That would be spectacular.

    Hey - Curlin is back state side.

  20. Yup - he's back!

    War Pass always had distance questions (although he came back to handle the Wood pretty good finishing 2nd), and when he finished last he had a horrible start and got knocked around. Trust me, they thought they were going to walk away with race. Zito didn't go there to see his prized colt get throttled.

    Pyro today got caught on a surface switch from dirt to poly - that's like going dirt to turf, and I thought he might have some trouble. Actually, none of the good dirt runners in the race (Pyro, Visionaire, Big Truck, Cool Coal Man) did anything - and turf/poly specialists ran 1-2 (Monba and Cowboy Cal). I thought Monba might be sitting on a big one. I also thought "someone on the lead might stick around at a big price" - that turned out to be pacesetter Cowboy Cal. It just felt like one of those races. Bridgmohan was asking Pyro - he just couldn't respond on the synthetic track. They say he trained well on it, but there's a big difference between workouts and races.

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