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Wait period after purchasing custom design upgrade?

  1. I purchased the custom design upgrade yesterday and it hasn't been unlocked in my dashboard (despite seeing it went through on my CC). Is there normally a wait period before it gets activated?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the site linked to your username Is that the site in question or not?

  3. Yes that's the site I purchased the upgrade for. I'd like to get customizing before I begin posting :(

  4. After one has purchased the upgrade I believe they can use the CSS editor immediately.

    Once you purchase the Custom Design upgrade, it’s very easy to get started with editing your blog’s appearance. To begin, simply go to Appearance -> Custom Design in your blog’s dashboard.

  5. P.S. I clicked too soon. I forgot to tell you I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. Then something is wrong. It charged on my CC, I got an email receipt saying it has been applied for that site, and yet when I go into Custom Design on my the site's dashboard, it tells me to buy it again to upgrade :/

  7. I suggest you don't do that but instead wait for Staff to respond to you here in this thread.

  8. It looks like the transaction failed. Did you receive a receipt from us?

  9. It shows up as going through on my bank statement, and the email receipt says the following:

    Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.

    Item: Custom Design for
    Cost: $30


    Purchased By: XXXXXX
    Credit Card: Visa XXXXXXX
    Transaction ID:

    The fact that the total and transaction ID fields are blank must be why it failed.

  10. More than likely that's it. If you see any charges on your statement, please send a screenshot to [email redacted]

  11. @maegnus, Thanks for reporting this. I found the payment you made and I added the Custom Design upgrade to your account for you. We're also looking into what may have caused the problem. Just to make sure, did you see any warnings or anything strange happen on any of the screens when you made the purchase originally?

  12. Thank you! It's working now. I saw no warning signs :|

  13. I was just wondering did you purchase through Paypal. Because i am going to be purchasing custom deisgn with paypal but i dont know how it works. I click Paypal Express and it never brought me to a page or anything. Could you please help me thanks!!

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