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    It’s already over 4 month since I applied to wordads, since then no answer.
    I also contacted the support service, again no answer. Or yes, I had an answer telling me that it’ll be settled 4 days later, it’s been 2 month now.
    Would it be possible at least to know some informations about that project? Wether or not it’s worth it to wait or not as I don’t plan to have my blog plastered of ads that over which I have no control of number, placement or size shown.

    once more I think that my blog, http://www.sunkenrock.com, fits wordads requirement:
    – all in english
    – custom domain
    – over 15 000 weekly visits

    without answer from your part I’ll simply have to search elsewhere for a more performant system, or at least somewhere that won’t make me wait 4 month for an answer that will never come.

    Blog url: http://sunkenrockdotcom.wordpress.com/



    I will forward your note to the WordAds team. Sorry for the inconvenience.



    Thanks again for your interest in WordAds. Sorry you were not getting the answers your needed more quickly.

    We have been rolling out the WordAds program in beta but have not been able to launch it for all interested sites yet. We need to make sure that ads look good on every theme and site so are progressing at a measured rate.

    Your site looks like it would be a great fit and we look forward to sending you an activation. We have converted 76 themes to WordAds and are working on another dozen right now so we are making good progress. Another challenge is that we need to match each site with a set of advertisers that is going to work for them.

    I understand your interest in getting launched as soon as possible but I hope you understand that if we rush to launch too many sites at once you and others will be disappointed in the results.



    Of course, I understand all those point.

    It’s just that because of the lack of information about that system I didn’t know if my site didn’t just goes unnoticed.

    What’s more I don’t know the basis of those ads shown, if we can choose the numbers, if it works by placement slots or other. Like I said, I don’t need ads everywhere over which I don’t have any control once wordads is active. This however seems not to be a concern seeing your answer and so I’ll be waiting until you are set.

    Thanks for your answer

    ps: I’d have thought the Twenty Eleven Theme to be one of the first to be ready for wordads as it’s one of wordpress’ default theme.



    We haven’t provided a lot of public information because its still in beta. If you would like to see an example of a site you can take a look at http://www.thealarmclock.com. Depending on which country you view from you will see different ads but you will see two placements – what are called a leaderboard and a skyscraper. Our agreements with our advertisers don’t give us flexibility for bloggers to chose the placements of the ads.

    Yes, we have Twenty Eleven WordAds-ready so I expect we will be able to send you activation email shortly.



    Alright, what I didn’t wanted was something like leaderboard styled ad between every post or something like that.

    Thanks for the answer, I’ll be waiting for the mail.

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