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Waiting for Christmas

  1. Halloween isn't even here yet...

    I'm not talking about Christmas

    There's a Pumpkin to carve

    I'm not talking about Christmas

    And Thanksgiving to plan...

    I'm not talking about Christmas

    Did I mention Christmas is my Favorite Holiday?

    But I'm not talking about Christmas... Yet


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't celebrate halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is about as useful as my cock is at laying eggs.

  3. Christmas christmas chriiiiistmas!!
    I'm so excited about it this year. I'm spending it at my boyfriend's house with him and his family.
    Even better, he showed me a piece of paper this morning showing he's taken the whole of Christmas off! From Christmas eve until 2nd january. He's so sweet :D

    ..... yeah I like Christmas too :D

  4. Love Christmas, I shall deal with Halloween (Which I love), and then Prepare my List for a Thanks Giving Dinner... Once T-Day is done, Christmas... Love all three Holidays really... Love Cooking, Love Family


  5. We don't have thanksgiving. :( Missing out on a celebration there!

  6. Just start Celebrating Christmas in November, that's what I do, lol So Thanks Giving is kind of just a Prequel to Christmas... An excuse to Eat a Turkey, and see my Loved one's

    Or if you really feel left out, just make and have a Turkey Sandwich on the Day, and put a spoon full of Jelly on the plate (to signify cranberries). Dip it in the Jelly before you take bites, and if anyone asks what you're celebrating, just tell them you met an American once, and you liked the sound of Turkey Day, lol


  7. My favorite thing about Christmas is how calm everything seems. Maybe it's the fact that we're all wearing sweaters, but everything seems so at peace. Can't wait for that.

  8. I agree, there is definitely a calmness, you can feel it, even if you're in the middle of a huge book store, or an outside shopping mall, there's a calmness that definitely comes with the season, and the weather.


  9. Does anyone celebrate Christmas for the actual reason? Just a thought :)

  10. Agree with the calm. It's so nice. I don't even mind when it rains in December because "it's ok because it's Christmas rain!".... yes, I say that :D I get way too giddy.

    @Joejames I don't celebrate it for the religious reason. In my case family means more to me and it's always meant family to me. So my actual reason is family. So yes I do. What do you celebrate it for?

  11. I too was brought up without Religion, so for me it is a Celebration of Family, Friendship and Lights


  12. I celebrate it for both. By far my favorite holiday.

  13. I just saw somebody down the street has their Christmas lights up. October 28th. Nothing like getting a jump on things.

  14. I get giddy and excited for Christmas but not THAT excited. lol. Even I have my limits :P

  15. Nah, Christmas doesn't start for me until the Day After Thanks Giving, Lights Wise that is... I do get Christmasy all through November and December though, lol

  16. I just found out the date for the Christmas lights getting switched on in the city centre. It's made me so excited. Less than a month :)! Then late night shopping begins. And hats and scarfs and gloves are necessary :D
    What date is Thanksgiving btw? Is it set date every year? Is it like another Christmas? As in with the amount you celebrate and give gifts and eat like there's no tomorrow?

  17. Nice, there's a center near us that Light's a Monstrous Christmas Tree, maybe 50ft, and it's tough seeing it sit there prior to the lighting, not sure when they first put it there. But I think they actually have a Lighting Ceremony and everything.

    Gotta love Hats, Scarfs and Gloves, though I don't get much of an opportunity to wear em.

    To Quote

    In the United States:

    Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November. The holiday is celebrated in remembrance of the pilgrims and in order to give thanks.

    2011 - Thursday, November 24th
    2012 - Thursday, November 22nd
    2013 - Thursday, November 28th

    In Canada:

    The Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of the month (the reason for the earlier date in October is their earlier harvest occurring farther to the north).

    The Canadian holiday comes from different traditions although it is now meant to convey thanks for their harvest.

    2011 - Monday, October 10th
    2012 - Monday, October 8th
    2013 - Monday, October 14th

    For me and my Family, Thanks Giving is the Time we all get together, generally at my Mom's House, and Have Turkey (My Mom used to make, now generally my Oldest Sister), Mashed Potatoes (I make), Coleslaw (Mom makes), Two Different kinds of Stuffing (I make), Peas, and some form of Cranberry Sauce, or Canned Cranberry. Sometimes Yams too, and generally a couple different types of Pies for Dessert. Generally a Fruit Pie (Such as Apple, Cherry or Boysenberry), and one or two Pumpkin Pies.

    We don't exchange Gifts at Thanks Giving, but as we generally have Turkey on this day, we often have a different sort of food for Christmas. Sometimes Italian, some times Mexican (We order these awesome Chicken and Cheese Enchilada's).

    And yes, we eat like there's no tomorrow, lol. Tons of Turkey Sandwiches the next week after too, they are awesome.

  18. My Dad always used to do Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada with the family and then visit American friends for American Thanksgiving. He was a real turkey fan.

  19. @Raincoaster Nice... I've never been to Canada

  20. A huge chunk of Canada is further north of U.S. --though mind you, at least 75% of Canada's population lives with 400 kms. of the Canada-U.S. international border.

    My point is that our growing season would then be abit shorter in some farm areas of Canada.

    Right now, today several farmers' markets are closing today until spring 2012. In Alberta and British Columbia all our peaches, apples, pears, squash, tomatoes, beans, parsnips and beets have been harvested.

    So by necessity, our Thanksgiving should be earlier than the U.S. And good thing, so it coincides with gorgeous autumn leaf colour in various regions of Canada. Before the leaves get blown off.

  21. @Maid Nice Maid, thanks for the info.

  22. I celebrate Christmas, because I'm materialistic and I love receiving things.

  23. @daniel lol, woops, did you say that out loud? lol

    Gifts are always cool, it's not my main thing though, but I don't blame people for liking gifts, lol


  24. Just found out one of my Sisters can't make it to Thanks Giving, pretty bummed. Yeah, I know it's a Christmas Thread, but we've been talken about Thanks Giving too, lol

    And plus, Christmas starts Nov 1st for me, lol


  25. Woah I though I'd replied to you telling me about TG ages ago :( Sorry for e-neglecting you!

    Also it's poo that your sister can't make it. Will you be seeing her for Christmas though?

  26. @Joel Actually, I'm not sure now that you mention it... She has a new boyfriend, and she's going to be with his Family for Thanks Giving, so maybe Christmas too, not sure


  27. Eeek. Will you speak to her on the phone?
    My mum lives in Australia and I normally get to speak to her over the phone on xmas day. This year I think I'll get to speak to her on skype or she may ring my mobile phone. Somehow I always get to speak to her. She means so much to me :)!

  28. @Joely oh yeah, I'm sure she'll call if she can't come... I live very near my Mom, and both of my Sisters... My Brother is up North a bit, which is a shame, as I miss seeing him at Christmas, and he has two young boys too that I like to see


  29. It's good that you have good communication with your family but a shame about your brother.
    Happy Feet 2 is coming out on 2nd December which I have decided is going to be the Christmas film I force my boyfriend into seeing this year ;) As well as the DVD showing of Polar Express which he doesn't like but sits through for me. Hahaha.

  30. @Joely lol, I actually liked the first Happy Feet, great Music... And some good Voices.

    I know nothing about Happy Feet 2, prob end up seeing it on T.V. someday, lol

    I really, really like Polar Express... I wasn't all that interested in that kind of Computer Animation when I saw the Previews for it in Theaters, so I didn't see it in the Cinema. However, I saw it several years later on T.V. and loved it... Once again, Tom Hanks is a genius... Even in Animation form. Very cute, Christmasy Story... I watch a lot of Christmasy kind of Shows and Films around the Christmas Season... Just scheduled my DVR for Home Alone next this Saturday, lol... Always makes me think about Christmas.

    Of course, It's a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite.

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