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"Waiting for"

  1. Name: David D. Robbins
    Getting message "waiting for" a lot for the last twenty/thirty minutes. Blog won't even pull up the index page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @leahmorrigan: I was told to contact the staff at this: The more messages they get the better. I've been down now for awhile.

  3. @leahmorrigan: I got my site to work without the help of the wordpress staff. (Geez -- I might be waiting until summer for their help.) I went to the Appearance tab > Custom Design > then Fonts. Take the TypekitID (save it somewhere on your computer if you want) and deleted it. Then it isn't searching for typekit fonts. Hope that helps you. It worked for me!

  4. It looks like Typekit is having some technical issues --


    Our CDN provider has reported a problem that may cause font loading problems for some users. We are investigating and will report again as we know more.

  5. @Barry, would the above suggestion from daviddrobbins work on any site

  6. I went to the Appearance tab > Custom Design> then Fonts. I then clicked Switch to Standard. My blog is back working now.

  7. Follow up from Type Kit.

    Our CDN provider has informed us, the situation has been resolved. We're continuing to monitor the font network. We're very sorry for the unexpected downtime.

    Looks like this was the second outage in the last few days. I hope this does not continue.

  8. Typekit outage is resolved now—all sites should be loading correctly. Sorry for the trouble.

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