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Walking with my daughter through the last door

  1. itsnotaboutdying

    I'm writing about Meagan, my daugther. She was lost 11, 20, 2000. She was 18 and I miss her. I hope these words of our journey helps someone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My hope is that it helps you to recover to write about it. No one is to blame in your kind of loss, and that can make it hard to move forward. I hope you are pursuing the assistance of a support group in your community as well.

  3. itsnotaboutdying

    Thanks for dropping by Mike. I have never thought about the word 'recover' in my process. I don't know if recovering is what I do. I think I would be happy just to be settled. I am now trying to find some happiness in my memories of Meagan. Little bits will do for now.

  4. I'm with Mike, I hope you can find comfort and understanding for Meagan. I've been reading your blog, haven't commented because I just don't know what to say and honestly I don't know how you did it. I wish you 'settlement' in your life and please know that I am reading and trying to send you comfort.

    Mike said " No one is to blame in your kind of loss" very true.

  5. itsnotaboutdying

    Thanks Bats.

  6. I have just finished reading through,I left a comment on your page.
    Such a personal and fitting tribute.
    Thank you for sharing her storey.
    If you choose to share more,id like to learn more about her.
    Be well,and take care

  7. itsnotaboutdying

    Thanks Wingstruck. I'm happy you dropped by. I'm pretty sure I have more that I want to share.

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