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Wanna always the same THREE posts in front page. Which theme does this?

  1. Hi,
    I would like to have three fixed posts always on the front page of my blog, regardless of their date of creation/publication. Currently I am able to do this just by hacking the publication dates of the posts that I created more recently, so that it looks like they were older than those on front page.
    Is there a theme where I can chose three posts and have them always in the front page?
    Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

    PS - I know that I could use a static front page, but that would mean one item, whereas I have three. If I copy/paste the three all together, I'd lose the pagination (I have a nice three-columns theme) and have to recreate it in HTML. I am looking for a quick solution using an existing theme, otherwise I will be happy with my publication date hack.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try sticky posting, then setting the number of posts to be displayed as 3 (found in settings > Reading I think).

  3. Holy crap, are you ever hostile to new readers. You're three times hostile to new readers as people with a static page. Also, Google will hate you.

    If you're good with it, go for it. Just know the consequences.

  4. How on earth does that make someone hostile? And why would Google hate someone for that?

    There's plenty of good reasons for only adding three posts to your home page. Adding extra posts to the home page is silly if they're not necessary.

  5. @raincoaster - I think you are assuming faustinelli is trying to make a stereotypical blog. That may or may not be the case.

  6. Google seeks out and rewards (with high standings in search results) sites with new material as close to the top of the blog as possible. By making essentially three sticky posts, you are telling Google three times "nothing new here" "Nothing new here" "Nothing new here."

    You are saying the same thing to your readers. If what readers see when they enter the site is exactly the same three posts every time, they are not going to be bothered to scroll down and see new material.

  7. is the most popular site on the internet. It has had almost exactly the same content since it was first launched.

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  9. @faustinelli - in total agreement with raincoaster here. Especially with the theme you're using, as a reader I certainly am not going to click through to find new material. The assumption is that your new material is easily accessible at the front of your blog. If your blog is public to search engines, you're killing your ranking doing it this way (even with stickies). Just saying...

    If you want to highlight certain posts, why not put links to them in a text widget in the area at the bottom of your page? You can also use the Top Posts widget as well, though the posts there will dynamically change depending on what your visitors are reading.

  10. Ryan, how many links are there to It, of course, changes every time it is used, and it has a pagerank of 10.

  11. My point was that fautinelli hadn't told us what site they were working on. Some sites are better with static content, some aren't. It all depends on the type of site.

  12. But in terms of SEO, static content is not good. That was my point.

    Google seeks out and rewards (with high standings in search results) sites with new material as close to the top of the blog as possible. By making essentially three sticky posts, you are telling Google three times "nothing new here" "Nothing new here" "Nothing new here."

  13. @ryanhellyer: Faustinelli's site is there for you to see:

    Your original reply to his question was correct. But his question was based on the premises of his PS, and those weren't very sound: since he wants his front to be a permanent intro, it should be a static page with three columns and no dates, not three dated stickies.

  14. @all THANK YOU! This is my first question to this forum and I would never have expected such a heartful and meaningful feedback

    @ryanheller - I can't find any "sticky posting" in my reading settings. I've googled around and find some screenshot supposedly putting the sticky posting thing in a place where my interface looks completely different instead. maybe another wp s/w version?

    @justjennifer - my hack is the following: every time I make a new post, I publish it yesterday same hour, then I take my magnificent three and publish them one hour ago. This way it seems to me I'll always have fresh posts at the head of my blog, right?

    @panaghiotisadam - what is a 'PS'?

    My blog is much more of a static site, you all saw it right. It's pretty specialistic geeky stuff. I expect most visitors to get there by finding specific pages on google or by word of mouth. I am dedicating 99.99% of my time to create the pages. Possibly in the future I will dedicate more time for example to learn what widgets are :-)

  15. @faustinelli,

    When you publish a post, the month, day and year become part of the permanent URL for that post, and that is what the search engines will record.

    When you change the date on a post that has already been published it changes the URL of that post. If that post was indexed by the search engines, the old URL they have for that post (before you changed the date) no returns a 404 not found error. That is another thing search engines do not like in the least, and at some point when the number of 404's for a site reach a certain level, the search engines will quit indexing your site and will not touch it again until the 404 errors are fixed.

    Something to think about, yes?

  16. @faustinelli:

    • On stickying:

    • PS = post scriptum. I was referring to your PS.

  17. @thesacredpath: definitely :8}
    @panaghiotisadam: I am sorry :8} :8} :8} and thank you for the link

  18. @faustinelli,

    I think you want to have three sticky posts because you want the information in those posts to be visible at all times on your homepage. I was just wondering if you would like an alternative way of achieving that effect other than using sticky posts.
    Some themes (e.g. inove)allow you to have a "notice", and you can even put HTML tags in "notice". Maybe you can transfer the info contained in those posts to a "notice". That will help your readers to access the info right when they visit the home page.
    And right after the notice your visitors can access your latest post, which is user-friendly for them.

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