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    Hello bloggers,
    I love taking pics and posting them on my blog – but I have a problem. If I want to post a link to the picture, there will be this blue frame around the pic – and I just cant seem to get rid of the blue link. I want people to be able to click on my photos, see them in large size without that blue link needing to be there.
    My blog adress is, if that helps any; paforekommenanledning.wordpress.com
    As you will see I dont link at all now, cause I really dont think the blue link/frame goes with the pictures.
    Thankful for your help,



    You have two choices: Try finding a different theme which displays the links differently; or purchase the CSS upgrade and change the styling yourself. If you go down this second route, you will need to know CSS and be aware that there is no staff support and very few volunteers in the forums who know enough to help you. You can always try playing with the CSS using the free preview option to see if you can make it do what you want.


    @danielkederstedt: In Firefox and Safari I can see nice drop shadows around your images; I think the blue border only appears in Internet Explorer. I can’t test it myself, as I’m not using IE, but I think you can get rid of it by going to the html post editor and adding this to the image codes (right after “img”, separated by spaces):




    I have IE, I’d test it for you, but I don’t have the link.



    @lizii, he did give it in the original post: http://paforekommenanledning.wordpress.com



    Oh, everything looks really nice. I think his grey shadows are because he stopped linking them. None of them are clickable, as he said above, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.

    I like your blog, by the way, it looks yummy :)


    Hey you all,
    And thanks for the help. Well, the shadow actually is made in photoshop, so it has nothing to do with the linking-thing. I actually se those “ugly” blue links even in Firefox, so I think that leaves me to… well, just either live with the blue thingies, or dont have them at all. CSS, way over my skills I am afraid. And thank you Lizii! Like your blog too!


    @danielkederstedt: Did you try inserting the border command I suggested? That’s no CSS, that’s a simple pasting in your html post editor. Please try it and let me know the result.


    Oh sorry, panaghiotisadam. I, for some reason I dont know, didnt see that. But YES it works – SO THANK YOU!!!

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