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Want a New Sports Blog?

  1. No? Oh well, you've got one anyway :p.

    Taff Chat is a sports blog originally set up by a group of friends from Wales, UK. If you're wondering what a 'Taff' is, just head over to the blog to find out ;)

    The blog strikes a nice balance between in-depth articles and a more light-hearted approach to the world of sport. We like to cover a broad range of sports, not just the stuff from the UK. As well as our own opinions, we gather current news & views from elsewhere on the web, including video highlights & interviews. You can even enter some sports prediction leagues via our blog pools.

    Our aim is to attract as many different readers and contributors as possible and really turn it into a thriving community. If you'd like to join in, please get in touch - you can submit as often as you like, on whatever you like (within reason!) Oh, and you don't have to be Welsh to get involved! :)

    So, check us out and feel free to comment on anything you find!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just a cheeky little bump and update - we now have details of our SocialVibe causes, we've updated our sport prediction leagues and have added plenty of other things :)

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