Want a particular username but taken by inactive (from 2008) blog?

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    Is there anything that can be done or once a blog name/username has been taken, that’s it? While I understand that they registered it first and might not have gotten around to using it yet… four years with no posts? Or is it likely they’ve hidden the posts from public view? (The hello world post is still up and nothing’s been added to the ‘about me’ page, so it seems unlikely that’s the case)

    I haven’t posted in mine yet as I signed up for a uni assignment and now want to change my name to something I can use … I can always change my ideal name but I was wondering for everyone else out there who would’ve also changed their ideal name for a blog because someone else had it … and never used it.

    Not trying to sound like a B, just curious!

    The blog I need help with is shutterbugbooks.wordpress.com.



    That’s not possible. No one is compelled to use a blog and WordPress.com does no sbatch back unused blogs. Read this for details > Blogging Tips: Unused Blogs

    For getting a perfect name purchase a domain name via a domain mapping upgrade and the what the underlying .wordpress.com subdomain URL is won’t matter at all.



    edit: “does no sbatch back” was meant to be “does not snatch back”


    Ah, okay. No problem, I figured it would something like that but just wanted to know (and couldn’t locate a page like the one you linked me to). Thanks for your prompt reply! :)



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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