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Want a Pop Up link

  1. My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. I would like to link single images that simply pop up in a small window when you click or scroll over the word that link is. I understand there is an option to have links open in a new window which is the next best thing, but I would like a have a small window open "over" the current page so that the reader doesn't have to actually leave the site (even if it's just in a new window) to see the linked image. Even a new window that conforms to the size of the linked image would be fine. While I wouldn't be doing ads (just images, possibly video) I'm basically looking to emulate those really annoying pop up adds that spring up like daisies all over your page while you're trying to read an article.

    Hopefully I've made my problem clear enough. Any solutions?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I hate those things, yes your were quite clear - but can't be done on WordPress.COM, I think those little links require script which is not allowed here for security reasons. Open in another tab / window is your only option I am aware of.

  3. Try '_top' target — current window
    or tab, with no frames.
    For example <a href="" target="_top"></a> produces

  4. @wpgaurav: Don't you mean "_blank" instead? :-)

  5. @airodyssey He don't want to open a new window.

  6. target="_top" just clears a frame(s), I thought, and opens the link in the same tab. I don't think it would behave like the OP would like. It would end up having the same effect as a plain link, I think.

  7. The closest I've ever heard to having a pop-up is a trick using "thickbox" in conjunction with the social vibes widget.
    It works only if the reader is logged in to though:

  8. @mmadfan
    yes, I tried it and it displays as an ordinary link.

  9. Oh. I think he want, a new window too.
    Didn't read seriously!

  10. As a general info, what @auxclass said:
    Pop-up requires a script like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // Popup window code
    function newPopup(url) {
    	popupWindow =
    <a href="JavaScript:newPopup('');"></a>
    which is not allowed on
    Pardon me, for my mistake.

  11. does anybody know what happened "m-shots"?

  12. I think the m-shots had some conflict with another feature - can't remember more that that vague memory - but the m-shots were a source of gripes by visitors to my site and I had to turn m-shots off.

  13. When I came to, mshots had gone.

  14. Hi. After few days' discovery, I went to know that popups are also allowed on Try <a href="Your Link Url" target="popupwindow">Text Or Image here</a>
    This worked for me.

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